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Amazing. Who thinks up this stuff, anyway? When I look at a watermelon, all I see is a watermelon. lol


Those melon photos make my mouth water,,,,ie "watermelon"



I have seen those before. Aren't they great?? If I were to carve one, it would look more like the one at the bottom! LOL



I have seen some watermelon art- but these are the best ever!




I've never seen watermelon art. Who has the time or the patience for this stuff?


Cool in more ways than one.


Those are incredible sculptures!

Alan G


Haven't seen the watermelon sculptures before. Thanks for sharing.

Ronni Bennett

Oh, wow. Before I scrolled down to the photos I thought, yeah, yeah, yeah - like pumpkins maybe they'll be carved. But these are magnificent. Gorgeous.

Paul Nichols

Great pictures. When I was in the restaurant business, I knew a chef who could do melons like that. He also did ice carvings.


Love the photos -- watermellons to pretty to eat! Love your story about the bomb. My mom made those, but added sugar, vanilla and sometimes a bit of coconut and whipped the whole mess until frothy. Can't use raw eggs nowadays unless you know the hen personally.


Really like watermelon, but these are so fascinating I wouldn't want to disturb the sculpture. Your earlier firefly piece is especially good. I've watched bugs of one kind or another on the windshield and thought some of what you wrote.


Hi Joy! Wow! Love these vegetable art! Thank you for sharing. Did you sculptor the last one?


Dear Joy ~~ These are really clever carvings on the watermelons. Such patience!!
Thank you for your comments about my flowers. I am keeping very well Joy and hope you are too. The heat is hard to take, and so is the cold.
Look after yourseld, my friend,
Much love, Merle.


Those are amazing! I'll bet you're getting excited about next week... ;)

Kay Dennison

These are fabulous!!!!! I'm with you though, Joy! The last one is probably all I could manage -- only not as well. Sigh.

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

Smilin' right back atcha, Joy. :) Watermelon art, hmmmmmm and I thought I was being different for putting it in a green salad last night. Enjoy your day sweetie. Summer is grand.

Maya's Granny

Wonderful pictures. I am eteranlly amazed at what wonderful things people do and what pleasure it can give us just to look at it.

I am tagging you for a meme, so come visit me and get the details.

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