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Oh, I like the dog one best!


I have all the miles I want..Need to use the half a million or so that I've got. *G* Hopefully this is my final trip.


Great quotes! :)


Since I am tall, I love the one about tall people and fire!!


I thought you'd found a quote to round off nicely at the end as you started with death, and finished with death (sort of) and I realised it was your own. There's some cracker quotes in there! I like the relationship one.


You've made my weekend! I am now filled up with marvelous life lesson one-liners and and get on with it. I'll race ya' for frequent flyer miles!


All good especially the last one!!!!


I must admit I am partial to Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde! Neither of them could resist a bon mot, could they?

Maya's Granny

All wonderful. Yours is very good. I love Twain and Wilde. But, the first one -- I'm sitting here at 11 p.m. at my computer with the window open and all quiet on my hill, and read the first one, and laughed so loud a man out walking his dog stopped, looked up, and asked if I would share the joke. I did and he laughed out loud as well.


Fabulous! LOL at a number of them, and yours is very funny. Thanks for these, Joy!


Alas, Joy, I have not one frequent flier mile, but I've had my grins for today. Thanks, sweetie!


Joy, these are all so rich! Thanks! I may have to cop one or three and recycle them over at my place...

Kay Dennison

Great Joy -- I always love a good laugh!!!!!!!!!


Wonderful quotes!


Great quotes from several of my favorites -- especially you. Have you heard that Drew Carey will replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right? Now I just may have to watch.

Paul Nichols

My sides hurt and my smile has frozen in place. I like the very first one best. I sent it on to Hoss.

Thank you.


;0 All very good!

(I may have posted here already- too lazy to check lol!!)



Yeah, I agree! We should be getting lots of frequent flyer miles. I think you saved the best observation for last.


Hi Joy ~~ These are all so very good, thanks for sharing. I have been busy with visitors etc and have not been able to read as often as I would like. Hope you are keeping well. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.


Nice ! :-)


"Male bears have no biological meaning, therefore they should be shot, so we can keep our unprotected sheeps safe",
Chairman of the Norwegian "new wildlife politics society" - he is himself a male. Shall we shoot him, the bears asks;)))

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