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Sounds like a very exciting weekend you have ahead of you!




I thought you might be going seeing as you don't have to fly anywhere. I look forward to reading more about it.


I'll look forward to reading more about the BlogHer experience. I gave serious consideration to attending in conjunction with a visit with a family member in that part of the country, but their possible moving plans made it all too hectic and uncertain. Maybe some other year.


Wow! It looks like you're facing an exhausting AND exciting weekend!


I look forward to reading all about it. Look for Mamacita and Vicki and tell them I said hi!


Hope you're having a great time at the conference!

Kay Dennison

Golly gee whiz -- I wish I could be there! It all sounds so great! You'll be fine, Joy -- just plan on sleeping a lot when it's over!


Hi Joy! Sounds you're enjoying the conference if not for the presence of 'some life defects'! Looking forward to reading more...

mary lou

Hey Joy, I have a new email address, so check out my blog and update your address book! I now am flying along on CABLE!! No more crap dial-up!! WHOOT!!!!


Can't wait to hear all about it Joyful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NY was fantastic, Chicago can only be better!


Have a wonderful weekend.


And me stupid, have not visited your site for weeks - vacation.
But during these 3 weeks, I've met in person 2 of my blogger friends. We were as old friends the moment we met. And now for the 4 night in a row - Dutch friends we happende to meet last year at Lake Tahoe.

btw. I hope to have more time for blogging and commenting during the week to come

Maria Morris-Burke

I am looking forward to hearing more about Blogher's Convention. I can just imagine what a good time you are going to have meeting old blogger friends and making new ones.

Actually, I am quite green with envy, but my friend, for you, it is a lovely color of green. LOL


Hi Joy ~~ That conference sounds interesting and I hope you found some benefit from it. Sounds too
difficult to me. Thank for your kind words about the photos of my kids. They are in two heart shaped frames
that I put side by side. I hope you are having a wonderful week Joy.
Take care dear friend, Much Love,


It will be great to hear all about BlogHer from your vantage point.


SO, was it all fabulous??!! I hope you had a wonderful time visiting with all those bloggers.

It was in my back yard, but I didn't make it. Another year, I hope.

Let us know what you saw and did!

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