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Suzann Eisenberg Murray

Happy, happy, happy to Julie and Jory. They are really beautiful. Your gemini twins. :)


Hi Joy! You're wonderful mother as this reflects on your daughters' face. There's the song, "Mrs Brown you've got a (two) lovely daughter(s)"...I'll sing that to you.


Gorgeous girls!! Happy Birthday(s) to you both!


Double the Joy! They are beautiful!

mary lou

wHAT BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES! No wonder you are so proud of them!

Alan G

Wow....I had no idea your daughters were twins. They are beautiful young ladies I would also like to add my birthday wishes.

I can only imagine how proud you are and how much they mean to you. I'll bet they lit up the life of their father too!

"Happy Birthday Girls!"


Happy birthday to your girls!

They are both so beautiful!



My, my... What beautiful young women! Happy Birthday to them and Happy Birthing Day to you! I would wager they got their good looks from their dad, since you undoubtedly still have yours...


They're lovely girls Joy. You're a lucky mum, but I think you know that!


Such lovely young women.

Happy birthday to both of them and also to their Mom.

Elizabeth Michel

Joy, today I mailed our birthday card for Jory. We are so glad that one of your wonderful daughters is now our daughter-in-law!
Arnie and I congratulate you on raising these amazing young ladies! My only disappointment was that you didn't include a picture of them as you described them--little dimpled faces in pigtails!




They are so beautiful and, judging by what you say, not just to look at. Happy birthday to your girls for Saturday, and well done to you for raising such a lovely duo.


Happy Birthday to two beautiful young women and to their mama, too.


Joy, they are absolutely go-jas! What a beautiful birthday post and a lovely gift for two makin'-their-mama-proud women. Ya' done good!



Maya's Granny

How lovely they are. And how else would they turn out than splendidly with you for a mom?


Dear Joy ~~ Alovely tribute to your wonderful daughters. I hope they both have a terrific day on Saturday
and enjoy every moment of it. You did well, giving birth to them and for raising them t the great girls that they are.
Thanks for your visit and comments about my post, glad you enjoy. Take
great care dear friend, Love, Merle.


Just lovely, Joy. Many tears shed over this entry -- tears of joy for you and yours!


what gorgeous girls and they do look like they are as beautiful inside as outside. What a blessing!

Paul N.

Happy birthday to two beauties. You're blessed, indeed.

Paul N.

Joy, I know you were just at my blog, but please, please, please go back. I just posted the most wonderful YouTube video. You'll love it, I'm sure. (Seriously) And thank you, as always, for stopping by.


Joy, your daughters give new meaning to being “doubly blessed.” And Gemini, too. What an adventure it must have been watching them grow into lovely young women.


You must be so unbelievably proud of your twins. And surely how well they've turned out is a reflection of the mothering they had along the way.

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