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Sounds good to me. My favourite show at the moment is also Heroes, but it wasn't long ago that I spent time on a Sunday afternoon watching Bewitched reruns. What a great show that was.


You know, Joy, you are right about Bewitched. When I started reading this I thought that I wanted to be the superheroine who could turn into two people - Duessa or something, she was called - with a similar goal in mind. But Sam really had it sorted, didn't she? Not two people working twice as hard - just one, doing it in a flash! YES.


Hi Joy ~~ We could all have done with a bit of Samantha's nose twitching when the kids were young and we were so busy. I liked your computer post also. Some of us do not know much about computers.
Hope you are keeping well. Take care,
Love, Mer;e.


I loved her sass with class too, and I would have given anything for that twitchy nose, assuming the powers came with it.


A lady of simple wishes Joy, just a twitchin' away, I haven't seen the movie with Nicole Kidman yet but she usually seems to carry a part off so it will probably be good too.


Oh I loved that show and I always dreamed of having a twitchy nose..


Oh! I loved that show too! Samantha was a very pretty witch as well as talented!



Hi Joy! I got to know 'Bewitched' on a rerun...enjoyed the fun and sass! I like the down-to-earth exaggeration. I think yesterday's script writer are more creative! But then times change...

Paul N.

Cute post, Joy. Now here's a secret; don't tell anyone. I am a superhero with all kinds of special powers. You can confirm this with my grandkids.

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

I loved Bewitched - it was so fun. That "twitch" would really come in handy - nice post and walk down memory lane, Joy.

Shorty PJs

I really just want the super-power to look like Elizabeth Montgomery. Now that's power! (The nose twitch wouldn't be such a bad thing, either.)


Like genevieve, I was thinking which powers I would want, but you nailed it: the twitch is everything. And the cool part is she didn't have to change into anything - unless she wanted too.
Jeannie was good too, but living in that bottle must have been a bummer.
Loved her outfit though!
Yeah, Samantha rocked.


I used to like Sam a lot, in those days. They are having reruns dubbed in French, and I find it very dull! I shouldn't have watched. Better off with memories.


I would choose Time Travel. :)


Hi Dear Joy ~~ Thanks for your message. I sure have had some fun with all my visitors and today even posted some phot0s,Hope you are keeping well.I have a granddaughter
named Samantha and when she had her first girl, named her Tabatha. Sam was only 17 at the time and has another daughter Gabrielle. They are almost 8 and 4 years old and live in Queensland, a long way from here. Take care, dear Joy,
Much Love,Merle.


There are many of us of a certain era who adored Sam and her twitchy nose...and who still refer to her powers on a regular basis today. ;)

Kay Dennison

I like Sam, too, Joy! And at this ripe old age, I envy her ability to keep Darren happy despite all the craziness. I lack that ability.

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