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Hi Joy! I was missing dad too on this Father's's the 6th...not easy with time passing and pain never goes away.

Thank you -- I did wonder how to blog this.

Hazel Edmunds

Thanks Joy. Twilite has it right when s/he says that the pain never goes. It does, however, get less - or hits less often - as the years go by. My beloved Daddy was killed in a car crash in 1964 and I still miss him. I also miss the adult relationship that he didn't live to create.


Yes, Joy, this is truly a day of remembering for those of us who no longer have fathers around. I rejoice with you in the lives of good fathers, good men!


Aunt Joy,

Sometimes we don't know how much of an impact people have on us until they are gone. I miss not being able to call up my Dad or Grandpa to say "Happy Father's Day!". I have been blessed with a wonderful father-in-law and a wonderful father for my two boys. We are all off to enjoy an afternoon at the lake-- I hope fathers everywhere get to do something they enjoy today.

I love you Aunt Joy!

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

Oh yes Joy, I do know - losing both leaves a huge hole in the family that will never be filled. May your memories bring you comfort and joy to day dear friend, Hugs, Suzann


My blog friends get confused in my mind and I had forgotten that you had lost your husband. After this post I read back to refresh myself on your story. You are awesome! With the difficulties you must have experienced, you write with such humor and sass. Is it all because of your name? Or do you have a secret to finding joy in spite of hardship? And, btw, who was Clarabelle?


How painful that time must have been - and still is I have no doubt.

You're so brave, Joy, and you write so cheerfully and positively. You are a ray of brightness.


Hi Joy ~~ Lovely post for Father's Day. While it is such a happy day for fathers and grandfathers, but for those of us who no longer have our fathers it is a sad day. I liked your vegetable animals. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.


Joy, I'm so sorry about your husband and father -- that must have just about killed you. Blessings on you as you live with the seasons turning and the painful holidays coming and going....

Kay Dennison

I know how much you loved them both, Joy -- & how much you miss them. However, you have great memories of them & they are still in your heart. There's a lot to be said for that. Hugs!


Yes, a happy Fathers Day to those who are with us and let's remember those who have left us with love


What a lovely tribute to Joel and your father-in-law.

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