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I should show this to my son. I think it would make him a lot more interested in some vegetables. Very cute indeed.


Are those cute or what?

I like the strawberry kissing the puckered thing. What is that?


How creative! I've never seen anything like these. Some of these must take a lot of time, meaning somebody doesn't have enough to do...


Hi Joy! I love these...whoever did these is really creative and talented and have a good eye to put these together! There is so much life and fun! How blessed I am to be visiting you! Good day.


Adorable, especially the sweet strawberry kiss.


My fruits and veggies look so dull now, Joy. I've just opened the fridge for a look - it was soooo disappointing!


Hi Joy, those vegs are so cute, not at all like the stuff I buy.


What fun, Joy! I love the strawberry kiss too, but there are a lot of clever ideas here.

Kay Dennison

Seriously awesome!!!!!!!!!


Nice !!! :)


These are soooo cute!!


So clever.

I love the little Acorn squash creation


Just great! Thanks


I may never look at the produce counter the same way again!

Maya's Granny

OK, what are the frogs? I think bell peppers and then I think avocado and then I'm just not sure.

They are really cute.


It's a brilliant collection.

aquariah labrese

i was in such a depressed and angry mood and this just made me laugh so hard i cant stop....itis so fun carving veggies my old boss chef tom was the first to teach me how...what a therapy,beats going to counseling!i taught it to my son and he made an airplane out of a carrot all by himself....what talent!they should teach this in the public schools...


So cute! I can totally see these fruit and veggies doing this while my back is turned. Thank you for the art. I LOVED it.

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