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The instant the last Sopranos episode airs, I'm cancelling HBO and saving myself $14 a month. I figure I can read review of the newest shows and decide whether to get them on DVD. That's what I do with Showtime shows anyway and it works just fine.

It's amazing how my husband and I have jumped back into our CD recording project now that there's nothing to watch on TV. Maybe the house will get clean, too...


I am much less desperate to have to watch certain shows than i was in the past. We record them sometimes and then don't watch or I don't bother to record. It's blogging that is my addiction now!

I am watching Grey's Anatomy series 1 on DVD at the moment but Husband has been working at home for a few weeks and he doesn't like to watch it so I've had to take a break. But it looks like his job will be changing again soon and he'll be off so I'll be able to watch it at my leisure then!


TV addiction is one problem I do NOT have. 'Cept football in the fall. Most of the crap that is on these days, you could not pay me to watch. Blogging is far more interesting... But then, to each his own...

Alan G

The only thing I have watched this year (continued or series format) was the “Planet Earth” series that ran on the Discovery Channel and “America’s Ballroom Challenge” which ran on PBS and was a professional dance competition.

Watched every episode of “The Apprentice” the second or third season and really enjoyed that but in my opinion…..seen one, seem them all. Same for “American Idol” and “Survivor” also - one full season and that was it.

I tend to watch movies when there is a good one on. Or a good really good movie over and over. In the past four or five weeks I have watched “The Family Stone” at least four times. I suppose after admitting that, some might say that I am a hypocrite after my comments above regarding those reality shows and the like.


I'm with ya on this. I only get ABC and CBS but guess what those happen to be the channels with the good shows. Not even going to turn the TV on for several months.
Of course my other addiction, the internet, I will not give up.


The only ones I really cared about was Ugly Betty (GREAT cliff-hangers!), Grey's Anatomy (Disappointing, I thought), and House (Whoa! Gregory House, what have you caused?). As for reality shows, I've given up on them, since the person I'm rooting for never wins. So I'm taking my channel-changer and going home - wait! I am home.

But Turner Classic Movies is a lovely relief - they've been airing some films that haven't seen the light of day of years, so it's all new to me. (Somerset Maugham's Quartet and Trio - both great "short story" films - for example.)


Memorial Day Marathon of Law and Order was on at our house: 16 hours, but I bet my wife didn't watch one complete episode.
No matter, she knows them all anyway.
Kind of like me and Andy of Mayberry.


The only one of those series I watch is The Sopranos and then only sporadically. I guess I just don't get hooked anymore.


After watching all of the various CSI and Law and Order finales we feel like all our friends went away for the summer. What will we do without our daily dose of murder and autopsies?


Hi Joy! do have the energies to watch all those programs. If I do, it's dvd as I'd fast forward those boring bits and just, just cannot stand those ads in between. Keen on documentaries...otherwise rather read!


Hi Joy! do have the energies to watch all those programs. If I do, it's dvd as I'd fast forward those boring bits and just, just cannot stand those ads in between. Keen on documentaries...otherwise rather read!


Joy, I started out thinking "One MORE way in which we are twins...." but then I realize I'm going to have to take away your remote!

MaryB and are are a bit closer in our watching addictions, so I'm gonna have to get to know her better.

There's so much more I want to say on this subject that I'm going over to my blog to type, rather than filling up your comments. Great post, Joy!


Sopranos: we never miss it, and will be bereft when it is finally over. I thought about getting rid of HBO when it is gone, but then I like Big Love and several other shows there.

I have watched both dance shows and Idol faithfully since the 2nd seasons. I quit Survivor this year, as well as the Apprentice. I like House, but don't see it everytime. Boston Legal is great, as is Grey's Anat. and I was surprised when they cancelled Men in Trees, because I liked it a lot.


:) I don't watch TV at all anymore!

....but I'm addicted to blogging....



:) I don't watch TV at all anymore!

....but I'm addicted to blogging....



Hi Joy! I forgot to add 'I'm a blogaholic' since I started one and I spend lots of time on my computer! Sorry about the last repeated comment.


I like NetFlix . :)

Kay Dennison

A TV addict I'm not although I confess to liking Dancing with the Stars and Last Comic Standing.

House (Hugh Laurie can call me!) and Law and Order are favs but TV isn't my cuppa mostly -- I'd rather read.


I think it's an age thing for me. I've reached an age where there's not much TV I mind missing. I have been addicted to Charlie Rose, but eased up on that long ago. I did like some of those dance competitions taped in Columbus, Ohio. I have enjoyed that over-the-top "Boston Legal," but even skip it at times with no regrets. I like PBS musical shows, Great Performances and a few others.

I think I've gotten the "monkey off my back" associated with the blogosphere.

I do succumb to movie marathons (DVDs) on occasion. I just binge -- watch them one after another -- make a night of it with dinner I bring in. Well, we all have to do something weird once in a while don't we???


I'm really looking forward to the day, when we have real fiber broadband and can watch TV programs excactly when we want to. Stop, replay, pick from archives - that's freedom - not only from the Time Thief the Program Schedules really are - but full freedom. WoW.


Well, at least you are hooked on current programs. I'm hooked on series that ran three and four years ago, some even further back. Gotta run now, Reba is calling.


This post made me reminded me of my mother and her viewing schedule. :) I suspect part of the reason I don't allow myself to get hooked on series is because I've gotten used to spending that time in the blog-world. And as good as some shows are, they aren't nearly as endearing and enjoyable to me as what I read on blogs. ;)

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