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Dear Joy ~~ What a great cartoon for
you, and please remain The Joy of Six, even though one is missing, he will always be part of the Joy of the other five. Sweet memories, Joy.
Thanks for your visit, and thanks again for the Birth Order of children. I am still waiting for my new modem, and am grateful that I have the old computer to use until it arrives. We sure do enjoy the benefits of this modern age
technology, and it is difficult
when things go wrong. Patience
is what is required. Take care,
dear friend, Love Merle.
Never lose the Joy in your life!!


Hi Joy! I like 'the Joy of Six'...thanks for the joy and humor to life. Your better half might not be around but will always be 'the Joy of Six'...he's smiling up there!


I agree keep the six. Love the cartoon.


Do not change the name of your blog; cause he still lives in your memories. You can hear his voice and watch his smile. I can still talk to my father, even play - he died in 1989 - during a heart operation.

Have a creative weekend.


There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff while we work on our blogs.


Love the cartoon, and there is nothing more apropos!




Perfect cartoon for you, Joy! (Let me know if you find one about shorty pajamas that's not X-rated.) I've always related to your title because there were 6 of us in my family growing up. Brother David died in 1990, Daddy in 1999, and Mother in 2004. And now we are three. But the others are there - as you say - just a little farther away.

Going Like Sixty

Hi Joy,
To set the record straight, this cartoon came off the webs, so it's not mine!
I'm glad you got such a kick out of it.


Or the joy of seven. LOL



I liked the cartoon!

And how could you NOT want to post it with your blog title! :)

Easy to figure out, after reading your blog just a couple times, what your 'Joy of Six' stands for.


Kay Dennison

What a great cartoon for you! And don't ever change your blog's name! I like it -- it's you!


I agree with your other readers, keep the title. It was the spirit in which you started that counts, or you would have changed the number to include your grandchildren (Forgive my faulty memory...but I think you have more than one...)

I love the cartoon! *G*


Great cartoon and perfect for your blog! You will always be six - or maybe more - even if one is not physically with you.

Maya's Granny

The cartoon is terrific. I knew what your blog title meant, but it also makes me think of an ex-Borg designation. With Joy, of course, a prime number.


Your blog title is just perfect and I would never want you to change it.

Love the cartoon.

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