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Troy Worman

Sounds vaguely familiar. Sometimes, the labratory is the only santuary. [Not that your husband needed santuary]. Good day!


Wherever you can find peace and quiet! I, too, would prefer being propped up by pillows in bed. My pages always get wet if I'm in the tub!


I do read in the tub now and then, but I prefer drier places!
I like tht photo of yours though; seems an ideal spot!


Ah but did you know that reading on the toilet can give you hemorrhoids? (Don't think that is spelled right!) Younger Son had a problem and the consultant told him not to read on the toilet.


I read in the tub all the time. I also read "on the throne" but only when I'm already reading a book when nature calls and I don't want to put it down. I sometimes keep a book within arms reach just in case. It's horrible to want something to read, and there is nothing at hand.

I should think that reading would prevent hemorrhoids. You are in less of a hurry if you're reading and therefore will strain a lot less.

Shorty PJs

Look, I'll take any opportunity I can get. Bed, chair, sofa, toilet, tub. Not only reading, but crosswords and sudoku. A nurse did tell me once that reading on the toilet was a bad, bad thing. Not good for, well, whatever. Hasn't stopped me, though. Is this too much information??????


Let's see if I can comment from work!

The bathroom to me is just for one purpose. If I want to read I like to read in bed for a place of comfort not sitting on the toilet. It's not that comfortable.


Hi Joy! I chuckled as I photo though. I need to snuggle myself when reading...bathroom, nah.


Hi Joy, bathroom reading is not one of my (Many) faults, and I consider it an interruption I could well do without when nature calls and I'm at the computer.


Hi Joy ~~ I prefer to be more comfortable when reading, but whatever turns you on. Joel certainly didn't want to waste a
moment. Guess we are all different.
Thank you so much Joy for the Birthday Greetings, that was nice of you. I like 73 years YOUNG. Thanks for that. Stay well my friend, Love, Merle.


The only time I read in the bathroom is when I have to sit for 40 minutes or so, coloring my hair!



I would have liked your Joel!!


Never read in the bathtub with a cat in the house, especially a cat who likes to walk along the edge of the tub to see what you are doing. Do not startle a cat on the side of the tub if you are IN the tub unless you want to see how fast a cat can get out of the tub using you for a launching pad. Guess how I know this.


You once again write an excellent story - you are so good down the memory lane. Suddenly I learned to know your beloved husband. I too, use to read in the restroom, but not in the tube.... and like you, I prefer the shower. Only during wintertime, when it's really cold outside, I like to drop into the Tube, with lots of mineral salt.

I'll think I will tag you. Alexia's train of love...


Growing up, my family of four lived in a 4 room apt. + a very small bathroom with tub only - no shower. Anybody that went in there for any purpose would have to put up with others banging on the door if the stay was more than a few minutes. So not a lot of reading got done there.

I am a lot like you describe Joel in the last paragraph. He and I would have gotten along just fine because we would both be so absorbed in what we were doing that we would totally ignore the other.

Hmmm... now if only I had a computer in the john...

Paul N.

Reading in the bathroom is one of the gifts of nature.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I read some more of yours and will be back.


I'm sorry, but all talk of bowels must cease. As I noted on by blgo, May 25 was National Talk About Your Bowels Day.
Hi Joy!


Hemorrhoids! Sitting on the toilet with book in hand. Hereadsmore. Sorta sounds alike.


Hi Joy, I'm here to catch up...trying to get caught up on blogs now that I'm on vacation. I, too, never take baths anymore...and I never realized why...but I think you've hit the nail on the head... It would cut into my computer time...ha! ;)

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