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Your blog makes me miss my daughter. She's in Scotland right now - will be back Saturday. But, I still won't get to see her for a while. Snif


I bet you too are a sucker for a good chat. So it's going to be fun!



Sounds like you have the plan! Enjoy!!




Just caught up on your recent and wonderful posts. What a great family you have. And what a great writer you are.


Enjoy the time with your daughter. Don't ya just live for these days. This past weekend got to spend a little time with my son and had a great time.
He is growing up rather quickly now.
I have longed for the days where he would become human again. This is good news.


Dear Joy ~~ Have a great visit with Jory. You must be so proud of her.
Soon be time to see the little ones.
Love, Merle.


I love my chats with my mom, but they've always been around the kitchen table. Lazing around on the bed is what my daughter and I do now, and I can only hope that she'll still be willing to do so when she's an adult. You and your daughter are lucky to have each other.


Joy! Jory is lovely! You must be so proud of her, and all she's doing. Of all that you hope to do with Jory this weekend, chatting is the one I envy the most. I'm close to several of my nieces, but I'm sure those chats are a little different from the Joy-Jory chats. DO you resolve the problems of the world, or do you work on smaller issues?

Jory will get sleep and food when she needs them, and I suspect that you've raised a savvy world-class traveler. Not to worry, mama....she'll be safe.

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time with her, and let me say "Happy Birthday, Joe!"

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

Have fun Joy, nothing like having our kids around. I know you will enjoy every minute.


Wow. How proud you must be, Joy. Have a wonderful weekend together.


This reminds me of when I got caught in a similar whirlwind for 3 or 4 years -- 30 years ago. No problem then, but today I would collapse about midway through the 3rd day. Ahhh, the spirit and vigor of youth...

Enjoy your time with Jory! And Happy St. Paddy's Day...


Joyful, I need to tell remind you and tell Jory how lucky she is to be a traveler who has you as a Mom. There were many, many, many a day, night, morning you were my lifeline in airports, dives, hotel basements looking for the "tubs" that never arrived, well, you were always there, and I was always grateful, still am! You are the prime reason many road warriors make it thru...and I hope I always told you that enough times. If not, here's one more to fit in your bonnet! You are the best Joyful, the absolute best! Love you, can't wait to hug Jory!

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