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Hey, I like the photo of the child stuck to the wall. After all, our kids usually drive us up the wall, so now it's their turn.

You have a great break, and happy easter to you.


Hope your Easter visit is special. Expect just being there will be special enough. Gotta tell you, I like those little red haired ones even when they're up on the wall -- cute! Fun photos of all the creatures.


Have a safe trip (and a good one) and kiss those babies for me. I love the bunny with the hairy ears!


I know you are looking forward to this gathering. And you feel like a child. I do think you posted a certain picture here - plastered to the wall, but so exciting, tells more than the fun of it.

You might have butterflies, you know where, but that's a good sign.

PS. Excuse me for beeing a very bad visitor to your blog lately (Jobx3 - happens from time to time).


Have fun getting in some baby time! That sounds like perfectly great fun to me!! Have a lovely Easter Joy


You know what? The Easter Bunny only showed up in France a few years ago.
In fact, here, it's the bells that bring chocolate eggs and goodies for Easter. And they hide them in places in your garden where little children have to go and find them.
Our Easter animals are more in the line of chocolate fish and hens...


The little ones are darling. Have a Happy Easter enjoying them!


Have a safe trip, a good visit, and a Happy Easter...


They are such gorgeous children!

Have a wonderful Easter and a marvellous Grandma-time.

Look forward to photos when you return.


Bon Voyage...

Have fun with those precious babies.



Have a wonderful Easter with your kids!! ;) I know you will!!

:) what you said about your little Bella and her potty training reminded me of our Alli- when she finally 'did it' for the first time. She told her Mommy (with a big smileon her face)"Dat's not so bad!" lol! This bringing to an end forever-wet pants!



Hi Joy. Do have a blessed and rejoicing Easter holidays of family reunion!


Hi Joy. Do have a blessed and rejoicing Easter holidays of family reunion!


Dear Joy ~~ Have a wonderful trip and lots of fun times with those dear grandchildren of yours. I hope
that you all have a lovely Easter, and thank you for your wishes. We
will look forward to some photos
when you get back. Just enjoy!!!
Much love, Merle.

Suzann Eisenberg Murray

Safe travels dear Joy - the grands are beautiful and I know you will have a wonderful time - Happy Easter to you. Love and Hugs, Suzann


Have a wonderful trip, Joy, and enjoy those grandbabies. (I know flying's not easy for I hope your journey today is a calm one.)


Here from TorAa and say hello from another Norwegian Viking:-)
Great blog you have and this was a lovely post. I just love Easter Holiday as it means out in the spring nature in Norway. If you like you can see a post from last April 16th last year (check my archive!)
Wishing you a lovely holiday too:-)


Hi Joy, have a happy, happy Easter and a great visit with family, we'll still be here when you return.


Take lots of photos, hug babies, catch up on the lives of those you love and above all else have a wonderful time.


Thanks for sharing such a nice spot before leaving for Easter. So nice to read.

Here in Norway, "everything" is closed from Thursday until Tuesday morning. And most people do take a spring vacation for 10 days...

mary lou

I so want grandchildren! All I get are grandpuppies, and grandkitties. But my Grandpuppy (an Australian shepard) came to see me on Monday, and she was soooo excited to see me, she talked to me for 3 hours! Seriously! She is a talker and will drive you NUTS! She is so sweet!


Loved the duct taped baby! What a practical idea.

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