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Sounds as though you have some exciting weeks coming up. Don't feel guilty if you don't get around to blogging. We'll wait for you to get back. SOME of us aren't going ANYWHERE! Sigh

Lisa Dunn

You're posts are always great, and I for one, look forward to the next one, and promise not to ask "Where you been?"


Hey! Blogging is supposed to be fun! Not guilt! But I know what you mean...
Enjoy the exciting weeks to come, dear friend and don't worry! :)


I get to feeling the same way. Then I tell myself everyone will still be here if I leave for awhile and come back.

Spending time with your kids and grandkids is the most important thing in your world.

Some days I take this way to serious. I've been blogging for years and never felt compelled to blog everyday until recently.
I think it happened when I actually started getting comments.


Talk about synchronicity. You, me and Jory are all feeling some blog guilt. I just apologised to my blog yesterday.

I think there are times in our lives when other things are just too important for the blog to take the front seat.

I've been meaning to ask what you do for Blogher.

Kay Dennison

Guilt? You want guilt? I am the Queen of Guilt! No one is lazier than I've been of late. Life intrudes indeed but, in my case, I spend a lot of time dithering, worrying and kvetching when I should be blogging.

You, dear Joy, are busy. That's a good thing. We love you and understand. Have a wonderful, safe trip!!!!!!!!

Alan G

This is such a shameful place to visit now since you seem to love leaving us "blogless". Why is it that people think clicking this friking mouse time after time only to be faced with the same old post is fun? What? Do you think these mouses grow on trees?

I went over to your daughter's blog and read all that number stuff but failed to see any "real" excuses. And the underware cracks (no pun intended) were just a little bit more information than I needed. I have to say I was quite taken back by the fact she didn't list "headaches". I guess that excuse is solely reserved for staving off any advances from your mates huh?

Well of course I hope you have a wonderful time on your upcoming visits with family. And if it turns out to be a "guilt trip".....well whose fault is that?

Perhaps you should consider buying us all new mouses since we're wearing out the one we've got visiting your "OLD" posts?



Hi Joy, it's Peter using Merles computer just trying to sort out some problems you're the guinea pig.


Have fun with your kids, Joy!

Blogging, like anything else, will stop being fun if it's something you feel you HAVE to do everyday.



Joy, darling, cast aside the "guilt" label and rename your absences "research." I know you will not only have a wonderful time with the grands while “researching,” but also have new adventures to share with us.


It's good to disconnect for a while. When we went to Colorado for two weeks last summer (or was it two years ago?), I was in serious withdrawal. Then when I quit for good (almost 7 months ago!), it was even worse. But slowly I started back doing a lot of those things that I used to do and enjoy before I started spending waaaay too much time online. I still miss it, but it's getting better.

My name is Peggy, and I'm a blogaholic.


Talk about tired and stressed, when I clicked on your site just then and read the title of this entry(without my glasses on)...I read "BLOG QUILT" and I thought, Oh my what a neat idea, Joy has an idea for a "QUILT" that will weave many blog sites together into one beautiful whole...into a "BLOG QUILT"

Perhaps I am in the last stages of some rare blog disease or maybe my misreading the title of your post was because I just finished an interesting book"The Art Of Mending" by Elizabeth Berg. The main character in the story is Laura who is an accomplished quilter. NOT feel blog guilt..instead just wrap yourself in this beautiful imaginary BLOG QUILT and go enjoy your family.


Have regrets if you must, but never guilt. We are here. We have no specific expectations of you other than you show up occasionally, let us know that you are OK, and share a bit of your warmth with us. And if you don't do those, it probably speaks more about us than about you.

Enjoy your time away, relax and do stuff for Joy.


You shouldn't feel guilty! When you blog, your words have value and worth (mine just drip out of my fingers like runny hunny with no care for where they go). You have a life; you have a family; enjoy both! Enjoy your blogging when you want to! And not because you feel you have to.

Have a great trip away if I don't speak to you again before that. Have fun with your fabulous grandchildren.


Hi Joy ~~ Don't feel guilty about blogging. Just do it when you want to and when you go to Julies you will want to spend time with the kids. Blogging can wait, that will be your time. Thanks for your comment. I thoroughly enjoyed Peter's visit and learnt a few things, which I may remember. He is home thank goodness - such a lot of driving.Take care, dear friend,Love, Merle.

mary lou

Oh I hear YA!!! I think it is in the air...we all let our lives get in the way of blogging. There must be vaccine for this virus!


Hi Joy, just popped in to say g'day, as myself this time, the last thing you should feel about blogging is guilt, it's such a fun pastime that it should never be tainted with feelings other than pleasure.


I just returned from a 2 week trip and I had serious blog guilt. I thought I was past guilt. I had learned to say "no" and do things for myself. That's why I had time to take up blogging!


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