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Alan G

What a great little poem Joy. As usual, your poem whisks us away to a more warm and loving time.

Made me think a kid I seemed to always be aware of discontent, pain or strife within my immediate family but I can't say I ever recall grandma's house as ever being anything but a place of joy and content. Seemed there were never problems at grandma's house...yet better judgement would suggest that somewhere lie within - her "rosary beads".





I enjoyed reading that so much! You have such a great talent for writing...for just pulling your readers in!



You are so lucky to have kept all the lovely memories in your mind.
And sharing with others is a gesture best of kind


As always Joy, a poem that evokes a time and a place.


I love your poems, Joy.


What lovely memories you have shared with us about your Grandma. And your poem is a great tribute to her. It is lovely when religion helps some folks all their lives.
Thanks for your visit, glad you liked the Risk thing. Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.


Once again your words have painted a picture in my memories -- this time of my grandmother and later, of my mother. Thanks, Joy.


Joy, your writing takes me back to another time. I too was fortunate in spending time with my Grandma, who was one of the most influential people in my life. I have so many memories - Ponds cold cream, Jergens lotion, Lady Esther face powder, putting clothes through the wringer washer, standing on a apple box at the sink "helping" to wash dishes, canning jam - so many, many memories flood my senses. Thank you for sharing your memories and taking me back to a precious time in my own life. Hugs.


Wonderful memories, wonderfully told...

Is there some significance that the rosary forms a shape roughly resembling the state of Texas? Or am I just seeing Jesus in a pizza crust?


I love your poem and the memories it envokes.

I hope, in many different ways, I am creating such sweet memories during the time I spend with my grand children.

You are a real wordsmith.

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