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Beautiful! I'm glad you reposted it as I hadn't read it. Margaret is a great friend and she also has a great friend: you!


Thanks for reposting. I haven't gone back through your archives but must do that one of these days. I'm sure there are other hidden treasures.



What a beautiful poem for your friend! :)



very pretty piece Joy.

Alan G

That is such a nice tribute to your friend. She is very lucky and blessed to have a friend such as you.


Dear Joy ~ A beautiful poem for a very remarkable lady. Congratulations to you both. I am
thinking of you today Joy, it is already the 17th here. I hope you are doing OK. I think the first anniversary is the hardest. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Merle.


On this day my heart is with you dear Joy - my arms reach out to hold you - golden light to you. Love, Suzann

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