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Wow that was beautiful! What talent my blogger buddies have. I'm so envious.

Alan G

Excellent reflection Joy on the potentials of each new day. And as always, your sunrise/sunset capture the essense of the thought.

Hardly a day goes by as I get older that I don't reflect at day's end in a way embodied in your poetry.


Wonderful words and thoughts, strung together so caringly and tenderly. Sounds like a declaration in there...

The photos are perfect. You make? Or stock from somewhere?


Lovely thoughts...and reminders. (And beautiful photos!)


Beautiful poem and beautiful sunset/rise photo.


Joy I think I've said it before but I'll say it again. I love your poetry. Poetry usually isn't my thing but you manage to capture perfectly your idea in a poetry form that prose might just not do.

I'm also trying not to let my days stray no more. Life's too precious.

Love Jen


Just super poetry Joy.


Joy - such wonderful words - I needed that. Each day is a gift, thanks for the beautiful reminder. Love and Hugs


Dear Joy ~ Another of your lovely poems, thanks for sharing it with us. Also thanks for your kind comments while I was busy (having fun) with Michelle. We had a great time together as we both live on our own, so never stopped talking and lauhing AND going out. I loved every minute, but got very tired. I hope you are well and happy my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.


A beautiful poem, Joy. And such good advice. It's too easy to wish our lives away and this is a lovely reminder.

Maya's Granny

Absolutely delightful. Both the poetry and the photos. Something substantial to think about, stated in such a lovely way.


What a lovely way to be introduced to your blog, Joy! I envy your way with words.

We have Ronni at "As Time Goes By" to thank for providing us a way to meet, through the ElderBlogger PhoneCon. I'll add you to my links so I can be a frequent visitor.

Troy Worman

Wonderful words and beautiful pics. You're awesome, an inspiration! Thanks for being you.


Hello again Joy, Just read your poem again and it is very nice, but I hope you are not feeling too sad.Anniversaries and things I guess. Thank you so much for your comments, I had to smile at my never ending supply of things to post. I have several books of quotes, so that is easy. My sons send me jokes and so do some of our blogging friends.I can usually
find something "nice" in a book.
BUT my fear is of running out of
material. OK so far !! Take care
dear Joy my friend.Love, Merle.


My gorge rises.


So much wisdom in your words. Your poetry is beautiful and I always look forward to a new poem from you.



I loved the poem, as I always do!

So glad I took the time to backtrack a little bit here!




Your poem was beautiful, Joy -- brought tears to my eyes.


this is really a beautiful poem, it reminds me how temporary life is, and gives me urgency to live each day at its fullest.

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