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My mother does the same, but she has boxed it and given (most of) it to me now. I don't want it, but can't throw it out because my husband's mother did nothing of the sort. He thinks it's wonderful and that our kids will appreciate it.


Joyful you got me thinking, and laughing quite a bit. Of course you save everything, that is what makes your the eternal mother of all mothers...why so many love you! I also have a wonderful mother. I state that so all who read know she did a fabulous job with all of us. But, here it comes, with no judgement, I can't help but think she always knew she would have no GRANDCHILDREN, and so she saved NOTHING! Recently, I enrolled to finish my Masters, finally after 21 years. I recently received a note saying that I had indeed been accepted, but would fail to be finalized until they received my booster shot list of my infancy. Of course, all of this entrance hubab need not apply to anyone born before 1956. And, of course, Iw as born in 57, so here I sit in the lake of Budd, while Mom snoozes in Naples, Florida in the sun. I'm sorting thru alot of NOTHING looking for my shot dates and times. NOTHING! NO LUCK! I call Mom to request, maybe, just maybe, she has a recollection. "Are you kidding? You were my last, I have no clue or memory of shots, illnesses or the like. Sorry. I do know my Dr. is dead and so is your pediatrician. Sorry. Just explain to the people at the college that you did have shots. I'm sure they'll understand. Have them call me". "OK Mom, I will. Thanks."..."Oh Mif, make sure it's not between 1 and 4, I'm at the pool playing cards with the girls." "No problem Mom. Love you"..."Love you too". And so it goes...good thing I'm going to a Masters in Psych...I'll have much to inspire.

Jory Des Jardins

I know you think that your pack rat ways haven't worn off of us, but B-friend can vouch that I have managed to keep every letter, holiday card, invitation, declaration of love ever given to me, and I keep them in my own version of air-tight packaging (taped shoe boxes) under my bed. B-friend asks me why I do this, and I shrug my shoulders and say, "I don't know, my Mom does this." One of the few things I've never thought to question in my life.


Oh yes, you have me thinking now - of my drawer filled with my son's accomplishments. I shall have to go through it one of these days and who knows ... perhaps a blog post will emerge?


My mother is very similar to you in this respect...but I am the TOTAL OPPOSITE! She's given my brother and me many of our childhood mementos over the years...but they carry about as much sentimental value to him as they do to me (which is another way of saying I hope she realizes we didn't keep them). ;) To each his/her own...but here's where it gets sticky with me and my Mom. I'm 51 years old (yikes!) and she'll still get weepy over some knicknack from Ben Franklin I gave her for Xmas when I was 7...and doesn't understand why it doesn't have the same 'value' to me. I'm a very sentimental person, but I care more about the memories than the objects. :)

Bob Patterson

One of the many things that comes up when we talk about STUFF, is the stuff that WON'T GO AWAY. This is the stuff that has very little sentimental value, at first, but as it survives moving, people moving out, etc..., its value grows in some sort of weird way. Sort of a darwinian thing I guess. I got stuff that won't go away! I got stuff I have tried to dump, but it keeps coming back somehow. THE REVENGE OF THE STUFF! Although, I got a picture of my brother and I when we were 3 and 5 respectively, that WILL SURVIVE anything.....thanks Joy.....


I'm a bit sentimental. I've lugged around my childhood books since I moved out of home and I've got my old yearbooks and now I'm keeping JJ's stuff. I will have to rethink my storage situation I think.

Son Joe

You've got a whole house to keep these things in! The rest of us live in apartments with the exception of Julie who has a house filled with colorful Dora toys and Classical Baby DVD's. Besides, if I didn't keep those things in my old room it wouldn't be my old room anymore. It would be the storage room for hundreds of now obselete VHS cassette tapes that haven't been watched in this century. I would also like to point out that if I didn't keep all of my old toys under the basement stairs there would be no suitable living quarters, hiding places, and obstacle courses for the little mice and their families. Some day you will go behind our backs and sell all of that stuff on ebay and retire.

Eldest Child

I will agree with Joe. I do not really have a bedroom anymore, because it has become the new pantry for you. It is where you store items that are green and sweets and other snacks, so you have something to offer any and all who visit. There is not a whole lot of my stuff or me left in that room, not compared to the other bedrooms in that house. The few remaining items that do exist in that room at least prove that it was once a place where I resided. The pity for Joe though is that he has to contend with the stuffed animals and toys added for my niece as well as the VHS graveyard in his childhood room of memories. I, on the other hand at least, get to sit and reminisce about the old times with green objects d'art while munching on crackers.



That is exactly the way I am!
And I think I have quite a few years on you-as MY KIDS are middle aged now...I still have things from each of their childhoods-PLUS- my 4 grandkids childhoods.
And -after losing my Mom at 94- 3 years ago I was the one who had to go through her stuff and found she had saved things from Mine and my sibling's childhood's and there was NO WAY I could just throw it all out! I have saved several boxes! I found among Mom's things a picture I had done for her for Mother's Day, in first grade! (she had kept it over 50 years) How can you throw those things away!)
(I am posting my memories of Mom on my journal.)

My grown kids like nothing better than being able to look through my many albums and boxes of photos ...but my 2 girls are not Savers of stuff! My son is! My girls are not even organized with photos of family events...I'm sure they know MOM has a record of it all! :)
True-she does!



My mother did quite a good job of keeping the important stuff like certificates and reports, and a few photos - she made a lovely album for me, and presented me with it not long after I married. However I still struggle with the fact that she has probably thrown away the best needlework I ever did, which of course I gave to her as a gift. One cross stitch piece based on a Bulgarian folk pattern, and some Art Deco inspired cutwork. If it turns up again anywhere it will be a miracle - I don't dare ask where it's gone though.


And recently I laminated a bookmark my second daughter drew for me in her early school years - it is almost too good to be used, but it gives me great pleasure to remember little Didi when I read.


I Love you girls


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