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I loved reading that! :) and it just so happens I have a poem along those lines- not a great one but it makes a few points! :) I'll post it on my site soon!



I posted a photo of myself and a date from back in the early fifties. It is in a post called Nifty Fifties

Also when Bob and I were back in Vermont last summer, we spent some time at a museum that has a 50's house. I took photos Just click on each photo to enlarge. What a walk back into time that was!

Loved the poem!


I enjoyed reading this Joy. I had to teach my nephew how to use a turntable a couple of years ago. He had no idea.


Joy ~ A great nostalgic post.
We had it tougher than you did.
No electricity, just kerosene
lamps for light and a wireless
(radio) for listening to music etc. I do remember quite a few of the other things ~ when we used cash money, and gay meant happy etc. Have a great week.

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