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Congratulations Grandma! How wonderful for you. Bella is beautiful and I can understand how you want to soak in as much of her two year old wonderment as you can. Don't worry about her adjusting to the baby, as you know these things work out in the end and how wonderful for Bella to have a sibling as she grows up.


Hi Joy, thanks for the visit to holtieshouse, I see we share a few blog friends already, will have a read through your posts later.

Barbara Ray

As someone who was once a big sister myself, I wish I had had a devoted Grandma like you to consider what all this would mean to me and to help me through this adjustment. At 14 months I was told I was now the big sister and should "know better, set a good example and love and take care of my baby sister." No wonder I bit her arm! Anyway, I hope Bella will remain the apple of your eye after the baby comes to steal Mom and Dad's attention. Best wishes.

Bob Patterson

My grandmother talked to my older brother a lot about how cool he was, and how cool it was to treat his younger brother (me) good. I ended up having the best older brother any boy could ask for. I ended up pretty good as a human being, and I think my brother had a lot to do with that. Thanks Grandma..........


Hello Joy ~~ What a great post.

We sure do love our grandchildren
don't we? Bella is a lucky little girl. Good wishes for the
birth of her sister or brother.
Thank you for your visit to Herons Nest and your kind words,
Have a lovely day.

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