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Steve Sherlock

Joy, well thank you. I am touched. With the frog's help to get all the bad stuff out of me, I can not help but be good and happy thereafter! :-)


Cutest darn card. A fairy frog...who'd have thunk! I will definately be on the look out for her.


Wonderful! Thanks for this.


Hello Joy ~ Thanks for your visit.
The Deck of Cards is very old, but
I thought it could stand another
go-around. It is amazing all those facts are in a deck of cards. Glad to hear you and family play cards ~ lots of fun times together. I live alone, but play Solitaire on the computer.


Hi again Joy ~~ Thank you so much for your visit and words about my
post of Fires & Memories. These
happened over a period of about
nine years, so there were not THAT
many snakes. I will post a few more memories as it is nice to look back on them. Have a lovely day.

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