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Oh poop, it's already after midnight (J. was on the laptop)...but just know that I meant to get here on the 14th to wish you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

As for Lost, I don't watch it...but then we're not regular viewers of episodic series, although I have seen an episode or two of several of the shows you mentioned.

Koan Bremner

Happy belated birthday! How did I manage to forget? My cup runneth over with shame - and with belated good wishes to you.

Anyway, "Lost" - well, as a Lost addict, I think you're cutting your nose off to spite your leisure hours - I think it's a great series. But - you decide! ;-)

Jory Des Jardins


Back away from the TV--slowly! I'm going to turn off the cable, but gradually--we'll keep you on episodes of West Wing until the detox is complete.


I don't watch Lost either as my diet consists of enough other shows and I am trying to wean myself off TV so I can do some more useful things.

Son Joe

I was going to joke that my next series would be all 18+ hours of Ken Burns' Baseball, but that actually sound like a good idea to me.

Barbara Ray

I understand what you mean about TV series being addictive. Just don't watch "Six Feet Under" a four-season series that is no longer making new episodes. I started watching it on DVD and couldn't do anything else in my leisure time until I'd seen all four seasons. However, I miss my science fiction series like Star Trek, Andromeda, and Babylon 5. I'm not watching Lost, either.

Michael the Lost instigator

Ok Barbara Ray I'm going to get someone else addicted to Lost if it kills me. And with your post I see how to do it. You're a fan of Babylon 5. If you ever saw the spinoff called Crusade, then I have 2 reasons to watch lost if you haven't I only have one. The actress that played Delen from Babylon 5 has a reoccuring character on lost. And the actor that played the second in command on Crusade plays a regular character on Lost. Two good reasons other than the fact it's a great show. I'd also like to suggest the new Battlestar Gallactica if you like sci-fi. Start from the beginning and rent or buy the first season, you won't ruin any suprises that way.

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