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I send my deepest sympathy for your huge loss.

I also send my gratitude for your elegant description of what it was like, bearing witness to your husband's passing. This was a generous and courageous act, to share your family's experience.

I honor these lessons and,again, thank you.

Wishing you peace and comfort,
Grace Davis
Santa Cruz, California
Proud BlogHer and ardent admirer of your daughter Jory.


Joy, I can't imagine what kind of loss you must be feeling after losing your lifetime mate. I'm so glad that you're surrounded by your kids and loved ones as you move through your grief. Although I can only assume that most of us who comment here didn't know Joel, we have come to know and love you and Jory...and the eloquent tributes you've both written to mark his passing are both honorable and honoring. Much love, Marilyn.

Steve Sherlock

Joy, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Bob Patterson

You have a residence in my heart Joy. Your family will be in our prayers this holiday, Lori sends love too. cookieboy


Dear Joy,

You have my deepest sympathies on your terrible and vast loss. Yet, even as you are stunned and shocked by how quickly your world changes, you will be supported by the love of your family, by new bonds made stronger by grief, and by the prayers of many you don't even know, like mine.


Dear Joy (and Jory),

I am so sorry for your painful loss. I can't even imagine what you must be feeling. All I can say is here is a big virtual hug to your family and deepest sympathy.


Joy, just wanted to stop by to say I'm thinking of you today...


Joy - Thank you so much for the well-wishes and Thanksgiving greeting. It takes a special kind of person to be able to still look out for others during such a traumatic time. I hope you're putting double the effort into looking out for yourself right now, too.


Your words brought back memories of my own husbands death, my childrens' support, and the love of friends that surrounds a widow during those first very difficult days. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Ronni Bennett

Dear Joy and Jory -

My thoughts and sympathies are with you and your family. I am so sorry your loss.

"Sailed away quiely into the night." Lovely.

Koan Bremner

As a Brit, I confess that Thanksgiving Day is "something that Americans do" - we have no direct equivalent, and I'd probably not observe it if we did (I object to being told *when* to feel something - I love my Mum every day of the year, I don't need some jumped-up capitalist telling me that on "Mother's Day" I'm supposed to send tell her I love her by sending her some over-priced card...)

Joy, you wrote this on Monday - it wasn't Thanksgiving Day. But, reading your words, I know it was thanks-giving day - giving thanks for having had Joel in your life for so long - thanks that his pain and suffering ended as peacefully as it did - thanks for the love and support of your family and those who care for you - thanks for the fact that he will *always* be with you, so long as you remember him.

That's *my* idea of a thanks-giving day. May all your days be like that. Love, Koan.

Yvonne DiVita

I send you hugs - one big one for all of you, and a smaller one, just for you, Joy. I send you warmth and peace. I send you fond thoughts and memories. Most of all, I send you thanks - for allowing us to share in this passing. With love and admiration, Yvonne.

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