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So how come you had to go if you were being replaced? I think that when you're ready for work (if you ever are) then you will find something.


Ah, dear Joy, life's way too short for GUILT. :) You'll know when you're really ready to jump back into the job scene...if you can afford the time off, enjoy it! (If finances didn't require me to work, I'd NEVER work!)


I think anyone who has raised four taxpayers has done their bit. Really. The amount of work that represents was analysed by conservative feminists a while back and it is a substantial and completely underrated contribution to the economy and the fabric of society. If you end up paying some taxes incidentally in the pursuit of personal satisfaction, that's fine. But don't do it because you think you owe people something - that's simply not on in my book. I am 44 and have four almost grown children and there are days when I can feel my contribution in my bones.


I admire your strength, for that is truly what it is. If I was let go, but asked to stay to train my REPLACEMENT, well, let's just say that I wouldn't be as nice as you were about it.

It would be ugly. I'd milk the unemployment too.

Antonella Pavese

Being laid off (especially that way) must have been really hard. But I can see that it also brought relief, together with the conflict and the discomfort of being without a job.

As much as losing my job would terrify me, I also envy you: being forced to take time off for an extended period of time has a lot of appeal.

I wonder if the conflict around looking for a job depends at least in part from the fact that working often means giving away a piece of your soul. There is not boundary, no 9-5 and then I am free type of deal (or at least this my experience).
Maybe there is a job out there that will still allow you to have your life, enjoy your family, and be happy, instead of taking away of piece of yourself. Something that can benefit from your amazing skills in dealing with people, perhaps?

Bob Patterson

I miss you everyday at work Joy. My day no longer starts with "good morning sweetie!" Your wonderful sense of detail, work ethic, hugh heart, humor, and well, just you, will be appreciated by anyone you work with in the future. I am so glad we are staying in touch. I have always told you that our paths crossed for a reason. Well, speaking of work, I better get back at it, your cookie

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