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I don't understand the fascination with reality shows. I've watched bits of them, but for the most part the only interesting pieces are the editing.

I miss Eyes. It was on Wednesday nights at the beginning of the year and cancelled, leaving all sorts of story lines hanging. It was a really good show, but only 5 or 6 episodes were aired.


I do the same thing: avoid watching new shows because I don't want to get hooked! Because when I get hooked -- forget about everything else!

I am glued to Law & Order. Never had an interest in it up until a couple of years ago, and now if it isn't on, then there is nothing on tv.

Sometimes I get so happy when the re-runs come on: time to live life! Catch up on some reading ANYTHING other than watching Law & Order!!!!

Good for you that you don't watch daytime tv. You would waste your life away. LIVE!


Soaps today can't compare to those classic black & white soaps I watched when I was stuck at home during my 4th grade year recovering from pneumonia...I missed WEEKS of school. (And this was pre-cable days.) I got addicted to the entire slate of CBS soaps in the process. I SO wanted my (working) mother to stay at home and wear a shirtwaist dress and pearls and pumps and do nothing more than sit and pour coffee for her neighbors. :) I agree about the talk shows--can't be bothered anymore. Although I do admit occasionally indulging in a "how lazy AM I?" reality show marathon now and then...but I lean toward the celebrity ones..."Surreal Life"..."Celebrity Fit Club"..."Being Bobby Brown." I have no interest in watching 'real' people make asses of themselves, but celebrities? Now THAT's entertainment. :)

Yvonne DiVita

Why, why, why are soap operas still on TV??? It's not so much who's watching? as...why? They haven't changed in 40 years! I don't see Law and Order on your list, Joy. Law and Order. I need my daily fix of that...or I start to go into withdrawl. LOL

Bob Patterson

I am mourning the end of Six Feet Under. It was the only series I watched. I am a sports fan, but sports are beginning to resemble Soap Operas, so my interest is lowering. The only time I have watched daytime TV is when I was sick. I wonder if there is a correlation there, Bob


My problem is a little more odd. Although I have my shows. I also have an odd memory for multimedia. I unintetionally memorize tv shows and movies so I like to watch a show once and if I think I missed something important again but after that it's in my head. Now if I could only use this power for the good of mankind.

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