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Bob Patterson

It is early on this Monday morning on the west coast, but my little notebook and I are on the deck starting my workday. I cannot think of a better start to a week or day than entering in on Joy's new Blog. Congratulations Sweetie!!! I will look forward to reading your observations on Life as we know it. Joy has a wisdom that comes from not doing the same day over and over, she learns, grows, and with a loving heart, shares her keen insights with us lucky souls who get to have our paths cross with hers. Much love, your cookie boy, Bob

Mary Cary

WA HOOOO! Yeah for you Joy! And I'm so glad I was up early with you to celebrate the Joy of Six! (The book, of a slightly different name, garnered fifty cents a look when I was in the fourth grade. In retrospect, I'm still grossed out my parents owned it...) You're a wonderful woman and writer Joyous. Here's to you!


How wonderful are you! And sharing, once again, so much of "JOYFULL" with all of us! We are blessed! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Joy! I look forward to blogging everday, what a gift!

Koan Bremner

I've been looking forward to this all weekend! Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Yeay! Congratulations!
Now I can add you blog to my favorites along with Jory’s.
Looking forward to some ‘Joyful’ insights!


Welcome to blogging!

Red Five

I haven't had anytihng to look forward to on a daily bases since they stopped running Calvin and Hobbs. Now I do, GO JOY!


Good on you Joy - welcome to the blogsphere. It is addictive ey? The first thing I thought of when I saw your blog title was the six degrees of separation.

Jennifer Warwick

Hooray! So glad to find you...thanks, Koan, for the link!


I farted

Joy DJ

Thanks Joe for that incredibly insightful comment, I'm sure your sisters would be proud.... -Mom

Daughter #1

Joe better there than here. Quite the comment


My first Blog-posting!
So happy it was yours!
This is right up your alley, girlfriend!
can't wait to keep up with you!

Antonella Pavese

Welcome Joy, I am so glad you decided to jump in the world of blogs!
Looking forward to reading your posts every day!



I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. I can't wait! Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the fold! Now your obsession with blogging will take up even more time, and become more irresistable. So glad you're doing this, and can't wait to keep checking in.

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