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Hello Blogosphere!

My name is Joy Des Jardins, and I've been blogging since August of 2005 thanks to the urging of some VERY wonderful bloggers who had already been around for quite a while and my own daughter, Jory Des Jardins of Pause/From Here to Autonomy, and who is a co-founder of, The Women's Network. I took the plunge, like so many of us, and have never looked back.

I am not political or controversial. I am simply a connector and love to hear and tell life's stories. So simple really. Addicted to the Blogosphere, like we all are, I need my fix every day. So many wonderful bloggers out's become a whole new world to me where I have found writing from the heart is a beautiful thing.

A little about me personally....

I'm a mother of 4 grown children (the best) and the grandmother of 3 adorable grandchildren. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago, and have lived in this area most of my life. My niche right now....forced retirement; but I work from home daily for my daughter, Jory's company, BlogHer as a Community Manager. It definitely keeps me busy. Through work, blogging, reading blogs, and checking out various other things on the internet, I practically live on the computer.

I've always loved expression in one form or another....writing and poetry in particular. We have a lot of readers, writers and talkers in our family so discussions on pretty much anything run rampant. We're all just a bunch of comedians really, and constant fodder for each normally dysfunctional.


I love: * poetry...writing it and reading it, * almost any puzzle...crossword, jigsaw, word or otherwise, * any trivia game and board games, * music of all kinds, * movies...big time, * sports, * all kinds of card games and playing poker, * collecting crystal and pottery, * stuffed animals and gadgets, * knitting, crocheting and needlepoint...when I get the time anymore, * and kissing and hugging my grandchildren, Bella, Bastian and Olive...they're my best hobby...