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Tara R.

That shot of Nana and Olive is so sweet. When you see connections like, when getting together in real life would be difficult, if not impossible, then all this crazy technology is far worth it.

Kay Dennison

Yay for Nana!!!!


That picture of your mother-in-law and Olive is so beautiful. Happy birthday, Joy, and many more :D


Happy birthday! I was thinking how much my late MIL would have enjoyed owning an I-Pad. She did get bored with the fare on TV.

I'm thinking I love your Nana. I firmly believe in living your life as best you can for as long as you can. Don's Dad died this year at age 96 - and until the very end, was beating everyone at scrabble. My Hero!


Happy birthday you, and happy birthday Nana. And I reckon you probably will be like Nana.

Cop Car

Belated happy birthday wishes to you dear Joy. You brighten many lives; so, I'm glad to see that you have family who brighten yours.

Tee Lowe

Happy late b-day.I have written afew time about my MIL (Nannie).Testerday would have been her 87th birthday.We still missher greatly.She has been gone 6yrs and the grandkids still talk about her.
I know this is late,but best wishes for you and yours.

Grammy E

Sorry I missed your birthday. But wish you happiness from this day forward. hugs. :) The photo is a treasure. I love people of her generation. They are amazing. And we are all blessed to know them.

Kay Dennison

Nana is a great role model! I want to be like her if/when I grow up!

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