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Tara R.

Maybe that's what's going on... I've broken an email chain letter. Sad thing is I've heard or read about each one of these mass scares. Too bad good news doesn't travel as quickly or isn't taken as seriously.

Grammy E

LOL, There are even more things to add to that list. I think we have a become a bit more germ a phobic. I know i have.

It's a wonder we ever grew up - not knowing all those pitfalls, just saying.


Its funny: I was watching an old interview show on TV and the participants were fooling with their hair, rubbing their hands on the table and armrests, touching their mouths and faces: you don't see that any more.

Cop Car

The one thing that bothers me is when someone licks a finger or thumb to help them sort through papers - especially if they proceed to try to hand me one of the papers. Most of the stuff doesn't bother me; but, since my younger sister died as a result of our spreading germs around, I am a bit germaphobic.

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