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I've had that conversation lots of times.... usually as the information recipient!!!


Ha ha! Thanks for the laughs!

Cop Car

The other day, I was on the landline with another volunteer about 100 miles from here who was trying to work with a set of Excel spreadsheets that I had programmed. What made the exchange so exciting was that she was using an earlier version of Excel than I use; so, as I told her to click on tabs etc, I had to ask her what happened and what she saw before we could progress. Fortunately, she has a good sense of humor.


Hilarious! Surely does sound familiar. Not only was I a recipient of these kinds of instructions variously from family, another blogger, but for hours with individuals in India sporting American names.

What I need is a live-in resident grade-schooler to troubleshoot ... or maybe there's a rent-a-grade-schooler program available.


Dear Joy,

I agree with Joared...I would like to be able to call Central Casting and get a Bill Gates "Look alike" and "smart alike" to come over and help me figure out one of those "where the Hell did that text go?" occurences.....

How is that new baby? Is Olive still enjoying being the big sister?


yeah! this happens... but thanks to remote connection, I use team viewer to more specific, may troubleshooting time got easier. :)

Nice story..

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