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Cop Car

The gators must have read that last sign.
Cop Car

Thanks for the smiles. I especially liked the private sign. It's nice here this morning for the first time in weeks. We had breakfast on the deck, and I picked tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and zucchini. We'll be having some fresh veggies for dinner tonight.

Have a nice day!

Tara R.

Those are hilarious. I liked the traffic sign, you know the road workers are thinking that very thing.


So funny. Thanks for a belly laugh this morning.


Those signs are crazy! When we traveled I always got a kick out of reading road signs -- some were doozies, others we just made something out of them -- or read two different signs in succession. Sorta like we did with the radio going from one station to the next connecting what all those different people were saying.

Ah youth! I think we dream up all sorts of strange things for fun. Now they have their smart phones twitter, play games or whatever instead, I guess -- imagine different things.


I see funny signs around all the time. Maybe I should take pix of them.

Grammy E

Hahahaha :) good signs. Our grass is still dead. We did not get much of the rain that went by. It is amazing how you can get missed. Or the other way around. Get it all. But I am thankful for some any way. Have a great day. Hugs from Missouri. E

Kay Dennison

Priceless!!!! I might swipe a couple!!! LOL

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