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Tara R.

This was great. I'm always saying I should have got that extended warranty when I had the chance.


Hi, Joy,
Can I ever identify with that car! It's good to see you back. I did read your previous post, but I have just not been doing much reading or commenting.

I hope you are enduring the heat there in your area this summer. My son and his family are in Chicago this week, and he has been posting some wonderful photos already of their time there. I love seeing Ella having such a good time with her daddy.

I'll be going to Virginia in another week for Ella's sixth birthday. I can hardly believe it.

Have a good week.

Kay Dennison

Sigh. I need to do a trade-in, too!!!

Cop Car

Oh, to have a new-body lot from which to choose, relegating the old to an old-body lot. Well, the old-body lot comes to us all, sooner or later!

May I proffer a slight correction to "My fuel rate burns inefficiently." I'm not sure why the word "rate" is included in the sentence; but, disregarding it for the moment, my fuel burns quite efficiently. Else why is my body ballooning larger and larger?

Thanks for the laugh, Joy!


Yep. I relate. Dings, bumps, occasional malfunctions.

cute - I hadn't seen this one before


Glad you've read this. For years I've used it as a language experience activity with select patients when appropriate. It injects a bit of humor into speech or language exercises about other concerns they may also be having. I'm always on the lookout for any sort of written items like this I can incorporate meaningfully into the therapy I provide. They become handouts the person can have fun practicing with independently and/or allowing others to use with them.


Hi Joy,

This was the cutest thing. I loved it and have mentioned it to several people.

Hope they take my advice and visit your site...


My motor quit running a long time ago. ;-)

Vannessa Gabbett

I don’t know what kind of car my body would be. What car would be fitting for a very thin man? It doesn’t take long for me to reach my top speed, but I run out of gas after a short while. I handle tight corners very well and can maneuver dizzying courses with ease. My hood’s full of bullet holes, but that doesn’t really matter. I run just as well as the other cars, maybe even better!

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