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Tara R.

My thoughts are with you, this was a lovely tribute to your husband. He sounds like a wonderful man, husband and father.


Dear Joy,
I've been thinking about you, and I was determined to get here today to catch up on your posts. What a lovely tribute to your dear Joel. I can identify with so much of what you are saying here. Hugs to you.


Dear Joy,

Such a loss you had..Reading about Joel has brought him to life for me and I really liked him.

He was a handsome man and I am sure he was a wonderful husband,Dad and all around "good guy" to you and your children.

I admire you very much for keeping your family so "together" all by yourself.I know that was not easy
but judging from what you have told us over the years about your children and Grandchildren they have turned out extremely well and are a credit to both Mom and Dad.

He would be proud of you, Joy.....

Cop Car

You've written (as usual) a lovely tribute, Joy. More power to you for keeping your own keel even.


That's him lady!
Love this.


Joy, beautiful memories of Joel. An Aries ey? I've had 3 boyfriends who are Aries.

I can also relate to loving people very dearly one minute and wanting to strangle them the next.

Happy birthday Joel!!!

I feel your loss. My 15 year old son died a long time ago. He wasn't doing anything wrong. It was an accident. And each year August 1st haunts me - he died that day after 5 days in the hospital. And his 16th birthday would have been August 11. Such a hard week in my life. Still.
It's ok to grieve. You can grieve and get on with life at the same time. It just takes practice.


You have brought Joel back to life with this tribute. That's what I call a real man.


Dearest Joy ~~ Wonderful tribute to Joel. He sounds wonderful and this is a lovely post for your children to read and enjoy about their Dad in your own words. They remember too of course.
I am glad to be feeling better at last. I still have back pain. Do You?
I hope you don't dear friend. It is not fun.
Much love, Merle.


Very thoughtful caring memories you share here and know you treasure them. Wish you could have shared more years with him as he was so young. But we have what we have and can be glad for that. Still there can be a wondering of what more there might have been. All too often there's "unfinished business" but then, maybe.....whenever.....that would always be so.


Joy, I just now read your tribute to Joel. It's exceptional. I can see the man you miss, each line bringing him into clearer focus. I know that my husband and he would have been great friends, if they had chanced to meet on the water.

I'm sure we all want to reach out to help you fill up the space that was once filled by Joel, and we all know that's not possible. But, you have our love and concern, and can count on them when it seems that the going is just too tough.

I hope you'll return to us, stronger, for the passing of time. Thanks, for letting us see Joel through your eyes.

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