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Man she's cute. You're cute too. Also Joe is cute. Hell, the whole family is cute.

I think you might need another dinner out with us to knock the blahs out. Or maybe a toy shopping trip and lunch instead... stay tuned...

Grammy E

I agree, you are all cute. :) Send birthday wish's to your son for me. Do you go straight to summer like we did here in Mo ? We have all been seriously sick with fever pain chills. And lung congestion. My dad is ever worse. So stay away from people a little bit till this illness passes.



Cute little gal! I'm glad you are getting some nice weather. We, on the other hand, are experiencing gloomy weather, rain and low temperatures (for us.)


olive (aka:Liv) is adorable and I love that sly grin on her face in the next to last photo. What a little love she is.

Just looking at her pictures should cure the blahs, Joy. Keep the pics coming.


Dear Joy ~ Little Olive sure is beautiful and takes a lovely photo. Sorry you have had the blahs, but cheer up, Spring and Summer are on the way. You have so many dinners out too. I hope you miss jury duty. Please wish Joe a very Happy Birthday on Monday. I hope he has a great day..
I wonder if the chiro is really helping you. I have great faith in physio- they seem to know what is need to ease pain.
Thanks for your comments and I intend to try the crutches, but think I will always trust the walker best. Take care and I hope you have less pain and feel better.Happy St.Pat's Day dear friend.
Love, Merle.


Enjoy your 70 degrees. Cold coming in here that we'll be sending east after a few days. To think I thought our winter was over. We're expecting snow down to 4000 ft last I heard -- won't get down here where I am.

Concern about kids is never over. Then they get married, so one more to fret about. If that's not enough, they have their own kids and we have to double worry about them -- not just themselves, but how well their parents are doing raising them. I tell you, it's just a never ending cycle. Our parents never told us about this and just let us find it out for ourselves after we married, then had kids of our own.

I had a back disc issue, too, a few years ago. Physical Therapy that included some other treatments, plus simple exercises they gave me, coupled with regimen of stationary bike riding had me going strong again in weeks. I had them renew for another few weeks which worked out well. I wish you well and expect you'll be perky again 'ere long.


Oh, I meant to note how cute your graddtr is. Glad you can enjoy family in person.


I think our weather patterns are very similar right now. We're in autumn and have had some lovely weather.

I've never been on jury duty and am not keen any time soon.

Hope your aches and pains get better soon. And that Liv - she's gorgeous.

Maria from Silver Fox

She is adorable and yes, isn't it wonderful when the little ones start using babble mixed with words. It is such a delightful progress and actually very rapid, when you think about it.

As to jury duty. . . I am probably the only person around who looks forward to it. I always have and it was only last year that I was finally picked and then the guy copted a plea bargain and we were all dismissed. LOL

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