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I really enjoyed these Darwin Awards..Speaking of Darwin and thinking of Evolution, did you hear about the little boy who asked him Mom where he came from.

She said," A long time ago in the garden of Eden there was a man and a woman named Adam and Eve. They lived there in Paradise and had children and we are all descended from them."

The boy said,"That's not what dad told me. He said we evolved from the apes and the monkeys."

The Mother said," Oh, he's telling you about HIS family, I told you about my side."


Thanks for an afternoon giggle!


Loved it! You made my day.

Cop Car

Each year these awards are something to which we can look forward. I don't know who started 'em; but, I surely appreciate your posting this year's.


I think I know some of those people.

Thanks for posting this. It's amazing just how stupid some people can be.


I liked the one from Zimbabwe the best. I think it was more trickery than stupidity though.


I think Number 4 showed some ingenuity. I like his style.


These are hilariously unbelievable!

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