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Cop Car

I have purchased only three purses since 1975, at which time I discontinued the daily practice of carrying one. I still have one hanging on a peg in the closet; but, I can't really recall the last time I used it. I do recall having left it in two restaurants since 2004. I would purposely leave either of the above bags wherever they would let me!

I have a purse already, thank you. Not too fond of that one.
Have a nice Sunday.

Kay Dennison

Yikes!!! I don't think I want to meet the idi . . . er . . . ah . . . person who designed those items. I have a vintage Etienne Aigner that I love.

Tara R.

Fortunately most of my clocks reset automatically - cable, TV, computer. But I forgot my car clock. I was totally off the whole weekend.

Carrying a purse like that would make anyone the butt of too many jokes. No thank you.


What? You didn't spring ahead? Good grief, Charlie Brown. You've got to keep up with the world. I hope you "leaped" ahead last month, but maybe all this springing so soon after that jump was just too much for you.

Those purses sure are somethin' -- no butts about it!

Do they have any outie purses -- and what would the backside of that one look like?


LOL. I think those large purses are absurd anyway. The resemblance of the rear view of that purse to my own rear view is pretty strong.
We don't have daylight savings here, since we live in the tropics and the days vary only three hours from shortest to longest.

Alan G

Hey Stranger....

Well I just completely missed the purse post. Makes me wish I were a woman - I'd love to have one of those. I guess I could pass it off as a "man bag"!!

And as for my own personal opinion of Daylight Savings Time, well I just don't like it and especially since they extended its time span a few years back.

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