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Giggle. Great way to announce the news.

I can tell Olive all about being a big sister - and I have a couple of other girls who could help. Though, errr, maybe Jory and Jesse wouldn't like what we have to say about that... :-)

Momo Fali

So exciting!


What a beautiful post! congratulations to you all :D Lovely news.

Maria from Silver Fox

Oh the best of news. I do not know what it is like to be the big sister, but I know Olive is going to do so with style and grace.

My congratulations to the parents, the big sister, and hugs and kisses for the grandmother.

Mr Lady



Olive, I know what it's like to be a big sister. I'm big sister to two. When your brother or sister arrives in a few months your parents will be pretty busy with it because baby's are demanding like that. But the great thing is that you'll be able to help out too. And you'll have a real-live doll to play with. That should be loads of fun.

The downside is that as the oldest your parents might always tell you that you should know better. That used to annoy me a lot, especially when something wasn't my fault.

Grammy E

congratulations, :) I love the way you told the story too.


Well, grandma, congratulations! Olive, the only advice I have for you is give your new baby lots of love, but don't squeeze too tight.


She's adorable! Congrats on the new baby to come.


Congrats to all! How exciting!


Oh. my.will joys and wonders ever cease! What great news. I can hardly wait until August. But "it" can't be any more precious than this little gal you have shared with us--I've loved every picture and comment. My little guy is here visiting us now. Only he is 6' 4" and just retired--pushing 60 and still precious, not quite so cute as he was at 2. Thanks for the adorable note.

Kay Dennison

Tres cute letting Olive give us the news on the forthcoming blessed event!!!!! She is indeed a darling!


What wonderful news, Olive, for mommy, daddy and grandpa and grandmas. I know you will love the baby, but probably are not counting on her/him crying. But in time you will get used to it and used to sharing.

Tara R.

This is fabulous news. Congrats to Olive on soon becoming a big sister, and best wishes for her mom and dad, and grandma!

Elizabeth Michel

Very cute column, Joy! We're excited too to have another grandchild. Arnie was glad to see you using the photos he shared with you.



Congratulations, Olive, to you and your family. And I'm sure you'll be a terrific big sister!

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