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Kay Dennison

She is dooooooooooo darling!!!!!

Cop Car

What a great get-together for family. Way to go, Jory!


Cute! Sending warm tropical breezes your way from Hawaii!


Cute! I'd love to be at the beach right now.


You are blessed with grat look'n G-kids

Tara R.

Best part about living in Florida is being able to go to the beach year 'round. Even on cold days, it's wonderful. I'm glad Olive enjoyed her visit to the Florida.


What a little cutie. I know how proud you must be.

It's 79* here right now. I wish I could send some of this lovely weather your way.



Our Granddaughter and her baby were here in Florida to visit us last week and they had gorgeous weather,too.

They live in Salt Lake City and the day they left for Florida it was cold and blustery, so they enjoyed their stay here in the Florida sunshine.

Grammy E

That is great. :) I am glad to hear she had so much fun in the sun.


What sweetie! Am sure Nana was charmed. Just looking at that face should perk you up a bit. (Don't think about wishing you could have her with you in person.)

I'd bottle up some of our weather for you, but it keeps changing. Warm, then cooler, wet then dry. At least it gives the weather people something to talk about. Hope you've stopped wondering where your snow is -- you know what those thoughts can trigger in the atmosphere!


That's supposed to read "What a sweetie!" Looks like I got caught not carefully editing again.

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