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Ouch! I was thinking I need a stand up desk, have you seen those? Though if I used one, then my knee would probably hurt more than my back. Gah!


Joy, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to wish me well! Very much appreciated. Not many commenters these days :-)

I hope your back gets better fast - nothing as nerve wracking as back pain ...

Best wishes and many smiles.

Cop Car

"I’m not the best preventative person around...."
At one time, some years ago, I read the results of a study that concluded that it was cheaper to only seek medical help when needed than to routinely seek it.
For some months, I used my computer standing up. Fortunately, I have a cabinet (from my father-in-law's drug store) in my sewing room that is just the right height. I still observe the practice of reading newspapers standing.
Walking, swimming, and working out with weights have done more good for me than anything the physical therapy people had me do. And, the best thing was that Dr Zorba mentioned on his radio program the efficacy of taking two Aleve every 12 hours for two weeks to provide relief from pain (not provided by presciption narcotics, in my case), allowing me to do my normal exercising.
Oh! I almost forgot to mention something else that helped me: giving up use of reclining chairs.
Hope your chiropractic sessions help. Me? I don't/have never wanted anyone's hands all over my alibaster body!


Dear Joy ~~ I am so sorry your back has been troubling you and hope the chiropractor can help you a lot.
Thanks for your comment and I was so glad to find a good person last time I went shopping and got some help. I am feeling much better now and got a good report from my doctor and think I will feel better still before too long.
You are often in my thoughts too dear friend. Much love and hugs, Merle.


Sounds good, what you are doing. It's so important not to let chronic pain get the better of you. Wonderful that thanks to Medicare you can get what you need without going to the poorhouse.
Yoga is what helps me most, and swimming. I was able to eliminate neck and shoulder pain through posture correction and simple yoga exercises. No back problems, so far. I haven't lost any height, so I guess I have no spinal compression. My husband has lost a couple of inches and is now shorter than I am. He could benefit from yoga, but I can't sell it to him. He gets plenty of exercise fixing things around the house and doing yard work, but those activities don't help your spine.

Kay Dennison

I had two herniated discs and I can really identify with your pain. It's the worst!!! The good news is I found an amazing doctor who made it go away. I hope your doc helps!!!

I hope all your "doctoring" helps. It's not great to be in perpetual pain.

I'm not one to go to the doctor's. The last time I went a month ago, she said she hadn't seen me since 2005! That was bad.

Feel better soon.



Oops, I missed this post.... sorry to hear that your back has been playing up, hope the Doc. can fix it for you.


Glad to hear you're having some pain relief and treatment. No doubt you'll soon be doing handsprings.

Would be curious to know what causes degenerative discs to build themselves back up besides the physical adjustments? Have had success with a Physical Therapist and an Osteopath for different issues on two different occasions in my life. I think the bottom line is the degree of knowledge and skill application of the practitioner, whatever the discipline. The patient following any instructions and using common sense are key, too, I think.

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