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Supposed to snow here in NH tomorrow. We need it so I'll try not to whine...

Kay Dennison

Love the cartoons!!! As to snow, if you get it, we'll get it a day or so later!!! Then again, ya never know -- it's been a seriously weird winter!!!!


Those were really big flakes and we did have a wee bit stick but once the rain started it all got washed away. Now it's just icy.

Maria from Silver Fox

We too have been experiencing warm weather and I mean WARM. Today was so pleasant that I went to the store without a jacket and even in short sleeve tee shirt and jeans, I was more than comfortable.

To me, snow belongs on post cards. I love the pictures, but not the actual white stuff.


Just pray it doesn't freeze and turn to ice.

Cop Car

I love snow. We've had less than three inches of it this season. Bummer!

Wednesday, I weeded - barefooted and sleeveless top.

Cute baby owl!


It was a very hot day here yesterday beginning with a swim at the beach and then staying indoors with the air conditioner going.


I laughed when I read your lament for having no snow since I'd heard on the news you GOT IT! Then, I read your up date. Keep the furnace going and snow shovel or blower out!

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