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Grammy E

I am glad we don't have to file taxes any more. But it sucks to have to live off of SS only. But u learn to live life differently. I miss my chiropractor. He was the best. I also used acupuncture. And this combo took away the pain of siatic nerve damage. The acupuncture was faster than I expected. But he used a battery current. rather than just needle alone. Every time I went. it seemed 2-4 inches at a time quit hurting. But I owe my ability to walk to my chiropractors. I am glad to hear you are feeling a difference.I went off and on for years.

Tara R.

We're supposed to be doing our taxes this weekend. I dread this every year. With some luck, we won't have to pay any extra.

I'm glad the chiropractor is working for you. Hopefully your back will be in great shape in no time.


When I did my taxes last year the CPA told me I had to estimate (Read:guess) how much I would make in 2012.

So I sent in the tax return but I didn't sign it.

I figure if I have to guess how much I made, let them guess who sent it!

Maria from Silver Fox

Oh, do I know what you mean about a Procrastinator. I am married to one and he isn't even talking taxes yet and I know it will all be a last minute event. LOL

We are also experiencing the mildest of winters. Our temperatures for most of the season have been in the high 70's. I just hope this doesn't mean scorching summer temperatures for everyone.

Cop Car

Until Hunky Husband retired (1993), we filed income taxes separately. Now, he (a great procrastinator on many things) files our returns. Each quarter he has the checks in the mail on time. Amazing! I couldn't have someone other than HH or me do my taxes; because, I figure I care a lot more about how much tax I pay than someone whom I pay to care.

Glad your chiropractic sessions are paying off for you. My physician once told me, "Back problems? It will take a year to get them under control." Sounds like you are well ahead of schedule.

I hope that Nancy is kidding. Failure to sign a tax form is one of the most often "mistakes" that people make in filing their taxes. Don't they return them to you for signing? (Of course, as we file our annual Federal return, electronically, we each have a "password" sort of thing that allows us to "sign" our form.)


Hello Cop Car,

Yes, I was only kidding. I am married to the most law abiding guy who ever saluted the flag.

He won't even double psrk for 30 seconds,much less send in a non signed tax return..

I was just having some fun. I was trying to make Joy smile a little bit and she told me she did...I hope you did,too.

Cop Car

Nancy--Whew! I am such a literalist! I should have known that anyone who is a friend of Joy's would have a wicked sense of humor. (Joy let me know via email. Thanks, Joy!) I failed to see that tongue tucked into your cheek. If you watch "The Big Bang Theory", you'll understand when I say, "Hold up the 'sarcasm' sign, please."


Hi Joy, glad to hear you are getting results from your chiropractor even if they are a couple of feet higher up than you expected, hang in there.


Glad to hear your back is feeling better.Taxes do suck,but it is what we have to do.Thank you for thr birthdsy wishes.

I'm glad you're getting some relief with your back and neck problems. I'm sure it's worth your time for the therapy.

We're having our taxes done this week. We can always hope for the best.

Have a nice day


There is one advantage to being poor; I no longer have to go through the stress of income tax time. I take my happiness where I find it. ;-)


Terry used to do all the taxes. i am hopeless with figures but making an effort at least to pay attention to what is going on with us financially. The past few years Terry's hired an accountant, because it was all getting too complex. He checks the accountant's work, though.
I'm glad the therapy is working for you, Joy.

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