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Well, happy birthday in a few days. And welcome to Medicare. I hope it works well for you. Are you getting a supplement. Medicare alone doesn't do it all...
That's amazing that you have your mother-in-law. God bless her to have lived 95 years.

I love all the places you've been. I identify with many of them. Sadly I recognize that last one.

The quote at the end is great. Thanks for sharing.

Cop Car

Joy--I am in Appreciation. I arrived there while reading your posting. Thank you. Your Nana is to be treasured. My own dearly beloved m-i-l left us at age 75 - much too soon; but, considering the state of her Alzheimer's, it was well that she could leave.
Happy birthday to your whole gang!


Joy welcome to the medicare club and happy birthday!
Nana is 95, not on my bucket list to get there myself, but kuddos to her.
I always love your posts! So much I could comment on.



Some people would not want to admit that they have been incontinent.

It all DEPENDS on how much POISE you heve...


Happy Up-coming Birthday Joy! I hope you make some marvelous memories other than now having Medicare. I have been amazed at things covered but dismayed to realize that your life is very much controlled by insurance companies. When did they get so much power!! Your doctor takes second place, that's for they can over-ride his orders. You may find that you can obtain prescriptions cheaper by buying them at Costco without using your insurance. I know it doesn't make sense, but check it out. Anyway....Happy Birthday dear friend. I wish you good health, happiness and peace of mind. xo


Medicare does help a lot. We are Kaiser members--this is managed care--and we like it very much.
Enjoy your birthday celebration!

Alan G

Ta – Da!!!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Joy!

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
The rolls of Medicare
Are now pleased to add you!

Grammy E

Happy Birthday and new year both. Big hug sent your way. E :)

Mary Cary

Happy Birthday two days late missy! I can't believe how your family is growing - and all ridiculously cute! Miss you miss!



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