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Kay Dennison

I hate snow, too. I'm sorry you have been having a hard time -- you know I'm always with you if only in spirit. And how in the hell did I miss your birthday! Mea culpa!!!



January can be a tough month. But each day it is lighter a couple of minutes longer. Love your cartoons, although there is much to ponder on the things-have-gotten-worse-in-life side. Happy belated birthday!

Cop Car

Joy--I love snow! In my view, anytime we have really cold weather, I expect to have snow in compensation!
Those "old days" vs "nowadays" comparisons are too, too true. Thanks for the posting!

maryellen bess

Hi, I am chucking because when I watch the SOTU I watch the Speaker and sometimes miss what the President is saying. Such gloomy people, those repubs.


All too true. Those cartoons hit the mark.
I think cold weather is very hard to put up with as I get older.And I hate being confined indoors.
I'm glad you have friends and family to help you out during the winter months.

I hope your year picks up. Snow is something I only like on post cards. Well, I do like to see a small covering on the yard and trees. But it does involve a lot of work.

I've been lax at checking blogs, but plan to be more diligent soon.

Have a nice day -and smile!

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