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Kay Dennison

I love Wisconsin all of my mom's family is up there -- she's one of eight kids so there were lots of cousins to play with!!!

As to the the roads -- they are lovely but there isn't enough money to get me to drive on most of them.

Tara R.

Such wonderful childhood memories. The road shots are beautiful. I think some of the prettiest roadside views are in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains.


I was married in Stevens Point, Wisconsin so I have a small idea of the terrain you visited. But my question is, "What, no mosquitoes?" Every time we were in those tall trees I was eaten alive.

Thanks for a tour of the road less traveled.


The sixth photo reminds me of highway 96 (road) coming down into WC. It's very similar. Some of those roads are scary!


I've been on some of those roads.
And we lived in Wisconsin, so I know how lovely that can be in summer. But the mosquitoes! My husband used to get eaten alive, although they did not bother me that much.


Ahh memories, what would life be without them.
Great road photos too, except for that second one!!!!!


Lovely road pictures. I recall traveling on some fascinating ones in years past. Enjoyed your family gathering recollections.

That second one reminded me of being one of those "lost my stomach rides." We always looked forward to them.

Alan G

Love the photo of you and your mom. Aren't those kind of photos just so special!

I never liked traveling much in a car when I was a kid - unless we were on the way to town to buy me a toy. Your story got me thinking though about how much I did like traveling on trains. Seems like it took forever to get somewhere but it was like an adventure...


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