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Kay Dennison

Happy New Year, my dear, dear Joy!!!! What a fun post to start the year.

Cop Car

Joy--Love the sayings. The one about not making the same mistake twice reminds me of one of the guiding principles at a firm for which I worked in the 1981-1990 was, "We tolerate thoughtful mistakes. (Anyone can be wrong.) However, if one makes the same mistake twice, we begin to believe that it was not a very thoughtful mistake."


Happy New Year! Yes, how we celebrate does change over the years based on circumstances. I anticipate a quiet night myself -- doing as I please.

Junie Rose

Happy New Year, Joy.

We do New Years Eve very quietly around here! :) We will drink a toast and that's about it,but that's fine with me!

Loved reading those quotes....and I may steal a couple to post on Face Book! (BTW-You should join me on FB) :)


Tara R.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2012.


A very Happy New Year Joy and hope 2012 brings you nothing but good!!!


These were especially good and heartening things to read and think about. Thanks, Joy.


Dear Joy,

I love to visit your blog because you usually make me laugh OR you make me happy with the tales of your children and grandchildren.

Have a very Happy New Year and watch for my comments to your wonderful posts...

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