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Lots of things going on for you. Enjoy your visit, as if I had to say that. I'm glad Bastion has a puppy to grow up with. My son was frightened by a couple of big dogs once when he was riding his bike, and I don't think he has ever completely gotten over it.

Thinking of you. I know you probably think about your husband every day. The anniversaries are especially hard though. I'm glad your family is going to be with you.


Woo hoo. Have fun with the family. xx

Tara R.

I hope you all have a wonderful visit. Enjoy!

Alan G

Yea, turning 65 and getting to enjoy the benefits of Medicare is right next to turning 16 and being able to get your driver's license.

Really enjoyed the senior acronyms!

Have a great visit with the family and I hope your back doesn't interfere with the enjoyment...

Cop CaR

Joy--Thanks for the acronyms. One that I use a lot is WIWAK (when I was a kid).
Do enjoy your visit - doubly so - to make up for your husband's not being there to enjoy. Don't you think that he would have been proud of how well you have kept the family going since he had to leave?

Junie Rose

Dear Joy,

I'm sorry I've been absent for so long...but here I am trying to catch up with you! I see I've been missing a lot of fun pictures and news of your kiddies! :) Baby Olive is a big girl now, I see! They are all such cute kids!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a wonderful visit!! That little girl is absolutely precious. Your grandchildren are all so cute.

Congratulations on that 65th birthday. It's always nice to save a bit of money when you can.



Joy, I hope and pray your back is all better by now. Nothing worse than a back ache. Some years back when I had bad back ache I got up at night, stretched out on the floor with my legs up on a low ottoman to get relief.
Try it it might work for you.
Have fun with your beautiful family.


Enjoy your time with your family



I hope you enjoy your visit with Olive and family.

I love the new little doggie that Bella and Bastian have now. He is so sweet and it's wonderful the way they love each other.

I am heading out your way for Thanksgiving. Please keep the snow away so we can enjoy Carol and the boys and the rest of the guests who always come to Carol's for the holiday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family........


Have a wonderful visit, and don't let yourself get too tired. I really enjoy my grandkids, and I find their company very relaxing and stimulating (seems like a contradiction but isn't).
And congrats on reaching the age of Medicare. Isn't it funny that we congratulate people for turning 65!

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