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Next week? They are coming next week? TW will be in Florida... with Michelle... why do they always come when my kid needs her moms?

I, however, will be here... and I want to see that baby girl (and you!)


I know what you mean about time flying...too, too fast. I did order one Christmas gift online today. I just got back from visiting my kids in Virginia. There was snow there too...not much, but as David said, much too soon, by about two months.

Sorry about your back. I hope you can get some adjustments to make it feel better!


Sorry you hurt your back doing a dreadful task!
Love the ladybug!

Tara R.

Sorry about the bad back, I know how that can be. This did remind me that it's been a while since I last visited my chiropractor.

Alan G

Been there, done that and what's not to love about that Aleve and heating pad!!

Cleaning the tub and surrounding wall tile has always been a nemeses for me and my back. A few months back when I opened the door to my cleaning closet I had an epiphany. There stood my sponge mop and it struck me that I could scrub and rinse my tub and tile walls much easier using the sponge mop thus eliminating having to get on hands and knees or bending over. So I just stand up and scrub away. Actually works pretty good.

After you heal up might give it a try and see if that works better for you….


Hi Joy, sorry to hear you have a "bad back" seems to be one of our most common complaints since we got so smart and stood erect.
Have you heard of "Bowen Therapy" it is a very gentle (until they find a spot that needs attention) form of massage, unlike chiropractors who manipulate the bones, this therapy is for manipulation of muscles and sinews, I tried it for my Bells Palsy, sad to say it didn't help there but was a very soothing experience just the same.
Get well soon.


Darn! Time is creeping up on all of us. I hope you get a little pampering from your family in the days to come!

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