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Tara R.

Due to a family history of many health disasters, I've had to get baseline tests much earlier than most people. Considering how invasive and personal some of these are, I should expect not only a call the next day with results, but flowers and a nice meal.

Cop Car

Joy--As my Hunky Husband would remind me, " could be worse!" Sorry about all of your testing and the dispiriting messages in some of the results. You are correct, though, that it is what it is.
The Facebook joke hit me in the face because I just defriended Facebook by cancellation. It was getting scary out there! When I lost trust, I pulled the plug.

Cop Car

P.S. Thanks for all of the laughs. Over the years, you have provided much relief from less joyous media.


Aside from your test results, this is the funniest stuff yet.
I am having a little problem myself today with vertigo after overdoing it for a couple of days. Can't get away with pushing myself very hard any more.

Thanks for all the laughs. My father-in-law says you have to have a sense of humor to grow old gracefully. And I think he's right.

Stay healthy.

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