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Kay Dennison

Love the jokes!!! And call me crazy (why not? Everyone else does!) but I liked Algebra!!!

As to the Botox mom, I am not surprised. These mothers will do *anything* to help their baby win! I think beauty pageants for little girls are soooooooooooo sick!!!!

Botox (the operative syllable is 'tox') is poison and I don't feel any need to have it anymore than I
would drink hemlock.

Thanks for the chuckles. There were some really funny lines in there. I especially liked, "ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable."

I was watching the today show this morning and they were going on an on about the "but shaping" sneakers for 7 year olds. That's nothing compared to the botox for an 8 year old.

Have a nice day.

Cop Car

The human race seems determined to stupid its way out of existence. Can't we let little girls be little girls at all?

(I'm with Kay on algebra!)


I think any mother who feeds her own ego through her little girl should be arrested for child abuse. And that goes double for a woman idiotic enough to inject botox into her child.

Ah yes, allergies. I am like the old joke: "I came to Arizona for my allergies and, sure enough, I got them."

Thanks for the jokes. After reading about that ignorant mom and botox I needed a follow-up laugh.


Just in time and just what I needed some belly laughs.

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