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You know, Joy, most of us live our lives through our children when we get older.

I think my parents enjoyed what I and my husband and children were up to through the years.

They were always interested in the concerts and the sports activities of the kids and attended when they could.

Now we are living through our children's activities and jobs and so forth.

And the beat goes on. The other day a friend said to me that when she found out she was expecting her 5th child she thought,"What am I going to do with another baby?" and now, 55 years later, she thinks "What would I do without my daughter?"

Joy, your posts are never boring. You always have an interesting bit for us..Just Olive's picture would have been enough..She's adorable.


Glad to see this're always a "Joy" to read. Seriously ARE. I understand on the holidays. Mine are the same way. I have even cut way back on Christmas, which is the only holiday I minimally decorate for now. I'm almost half way through the A-Z challenge. I'm beginning to feel the pressure. LOL I hope you've been visiting. Big hugs.

Junie Rose

Hi Joy,

Just realized I had not visited you in awhile...sorry-I have fallen behind with everything and everyone!

Sorry about your toe- Hope it feels better soon.

I know what you mean about living through your kids-LOL-I've done that for years. I think we all do as we get older...but -believe me Joy, you could never write a boring post! I've enjoyed visiting with you for....oh- over 5 years now!! :)



Cop Car

Joy--While on a "borrowed" computer system, thought I'd let you know that I've tried with both of my machines at home to comment - to no avail.

My comment had been: Why don't you tell us how you really feel about canines?

Now...I'll add: How do you feel about a broken toe.

As to weed pulling - ever since moving where we are now I've spent an inordinate amount of time pulling weeds. I do not, however, do any weeding on my knees. I either bend over (I know...I know) or sit on the ground.

Glad you'll be having at least minimal family about for your Easter dinner.


Your life could NOT possibly be as dull as mine. If it weren't for Buddy, our puppy, Sam and I would be without many laughs now that our local grands are growing up. 10, 12, 12, and 14.
Seems like only yesterday they all were the age of your little grand daughter. I miss those sweet days.

But as they sing in" Fiddler On The Roof",
"Sunrise, Sunset swiftly go the days.Where is the little girl I carried "


Hope your toe gets better soon.


I have a little thing to say that I'll bet you have never heard. It floored me. But a man of my age said, "I think your generation of women did very well."
You certainly have led a wonderful life, fulfilled, with great children and grandchildren. And now it's harvest time after all that hard work. You've earned the right to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Joy-I will pray for your toe.

We are lucky that we have all of our kids in town.This is very nice for the holidays.
Sometimes the worst part is trying to keep them for killing each other.
Easter wil will have my side of the family over for burgers and dogs.I will grill for about 40.
Please pray for me----Poohpa


P.S---Love the blog --so whats boring?


Ouch on the toe. I broke mine rushing to answer the phone so I can commiserate.

Olive is so cute and it was adorable the way she wanted to touch her mommy, but I suppose she didn't think so.

You are lucky to see your children now and then, even though the visit is short. You have such talented daughters.

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