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Sorry - We here in Scotland have been paying over $8 a gallon for a couple of years.


20 cent overnight jumps in gas prices are so common here that they hardly generate ANY letters to the editor demanding a full scale gummit investigation.

The joke is they go up 20 cents overnight, then drop a penny or three until the next jump.

We're at $3.39/gallon so I'm pretty sure $4 is in our future unless the Saudi's open up the flow.

Tara R.

I filled my tank this weekend, paying $3.39/gal. I need to check the air in my bike tires and starting riding it everywhere. Better for me and my checkbook.


I am a skeptic and think the oil industry uses any excuse to raise gasoline prices.

I don't think depression leads to murder. That woman had other mental problems. Poor kids.


Yes,Joy, that poor woman had more problems than just sassy kids.

Too bad she didn't seek help a long time ago. I don't think the type of depression that leads to murdering your own children comes on overnight.

Sad that her husband wasn't home.


Dear Joy ~~ Gasoline prices jump and change all the time and there always seems to be trouble in the Middle East, so guess we always will have them. That woman should have got help much sooner and the children would be alive. So sad.
Thanks for your encouragement and wishes for my trip to hospital on Thursday 3rd March to have a
flexible cystoscopy to view my
bladder. I have asked for an anesthetic, rather than just local. My son is coming to take me in to hospital and bring me home and stay first night with me.
I will be glad when it is over.
Take care dear friend, Love, Merle


I think that woman was just plain evil. Wicked. We hesitate to use such words these days, don't we. Seems so old fashioned. We fancy that we can help such people. I wonder.
We're paying almost $4.00 a gallon for gas here, but since we have only one car and fill up the tank maybe every other week this is not much of a hardship. The many people I know who have taken low gas prices for granted and have arranged their lives accordingly, living miles from services and driving big vehicles, are getting worried, though.
It's lucky you provided a few laughs with those cartoons. These are tough times.


As I ran errands yesterday, the place that has the lowest gas prices was charging $3.59! Personally, I think this is inflated by greed, not by supply and demand, because when the barrel prices drop, the gas prices don't go down correspondingly.

As for the woman, that's a horribly grim story. Could her husband or neighbors not tell she needed help? I suppose, even if they knew the situation, getting her to accept it wouldn't have been easy. I feel dreadful for children who are lost this way. There's no reason why this should occur.

Our weather is strange, but getting better. I hope you fair the coming rain well.

Hugsssssss, Joy!


The oil and gas prices are a commie plot! Sonsabitches! The woman was just plain nuts--no excuse.Fry her butt.--Poohpa


We are planning a summer cross country trip with the RV this summer. Five dollars a gallon will make us think twice.

That woman was definitely in need of mental health care. I am sure there were many signs long before the incident. Have you noticed that all the talk about mental health care that was on the news right after the Arizona shootings, is no longer mentioned? Once again, health care is swept under the rug and forgotten.


Yeah, in So. Cal we're headed toward $4 a gal in leaps and bounds daily as you describe. When I visit friends an hour away closer to the Coast I notice the gas their is priced considerably higher than ours. Seems like something is screwy there.

About those cartoons -- I wondered where some ideas I've had came from.

Truly tragic when people don't get help for "broken" brains just like we do with broken bones -- so many reasons why our culture doesn't seem to value helping those with mental health issues.


our gas prices have gone up 32 cents in the last 10 days. i was not hopeful when i saw an old clipping from the '79 oil embargo days that showed a pump in this town that had the highest prices in the country back then...yikes! ;)

unbelievably horrible story about that mother. can't imagine what goes through someone's mind that could cause her to murder so casually.

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